Gush Like A River!

I had been reading about "Squirting" and hoped to experience one day. I love giving oral and my partner at the time was somewhat sexually inhibited.
I found that she was highly orgasmic during oral and getting her off pleased me as much or even more then her.
We were having one of our rare intimate encounters one night and on her third or fourth climax I was sure I felt a brief squirt! I thought HOLY SH!T was that what I think it was? I began to realize the more I got her off the less she could hold back her squirting. She apparently thought there was something going wrong and she resisted it. I kept going and sure enough she had a quick squirt again. It was epic for me!
I knew she would be uncomfortable if I brought it up so I waited until the next day to discuss it. The next day we talked about it. She said it had happened before and did not know it was normal. When she found out how totally awesome it was for me and I showed it by purchasing a very expensive "commemorative" piece of jewelry (I really couldn't afford) it was game on!
After she knew I loved it and that she wasn't a freak we began a whole new era of activity. From then on she started to gush like a fire hose over and over. I never did find out how many gushing ******* she could have in a row but it seemed limitless. I have no idea where all this magnificent liquid came from but I know she blessed me with at least a quart in total over several ******* during each encounter. I tried many times to see if I could "dry her out" I assumed this would leave her more satisfied but she would always beg me to stop because she thought she was going to die!
Now I am hard pressed to find a good gush in the face. It is the best thing there is! Believe me!
RalphKramden RalphKramden
Nov 25, 2012