Friends Milf Mom's Panty Drawer

First off, can someone please edit "masturbait" to "**********"?

This was many years ago, somewhere in between 12-16 yrs, when I was in middle school, a new kid moved in a few doors down from me on my block and was going to the same school. Well fast forward a bit of time, he joined in with my group of friends so we would hang out at his house every so often during the summer. So we would all talk and all agreed that his mom was a total milf, maybe late 40's, skinny body, dark hair, business woman of some sort so she had on that sexy secretary clothing, the tight skirt, a nice dress business shirt of some sort, but very sexy, and ******* did I want to **** her! What turned me on even more was that he told us in secret that she owned a sybian (look it up if you don't know), and oh, did I mention she was divorced and single? A h*rny single milf mom turned me on so much that she got really naughty when she got in the mood.

So jump forward another bit of time, and he told me that they were going on vacation and they needed someone to take care of their pet as I lived only a few doors down and he trusted me so I said yes not even thinking that I would be all alone. But once I thought about it, I got so excited (and h*rny) that I would finally be able to see what unmentionables she wears. I don't think I had that much of a panty fetish back than, but I still got excited from them though, through internet pictures and various lucky sneak peaks walking somehwere or something.

So the day finally came when I got to feed his pet, which I did after rushing through the house grabbing food and refilling the water as my heart started pumping faster and faster while my d*ck was getting harder. I was finally done, so I made my way up the stairs heart pumping really hard and d*ck hard to her room. I went in and went straight for dresser, I stood there for a few seconds in anticipation of what I was gonna find. I opened the door and to my surprise (and fantasies) she wore thongs, and some pretty sexy ones too, her panty drawer was organized into these rectangular boxes, 2 with panties, and 2 with bras. I picked up each one, taking in the smell, oh god did they smell good, feel good, and look good. I was over the top, my d*ck was out as I rubbed her panties all over my d*ck making it rock hard, I was orgasming with every smell. She had lacy black ones, pink thong, black thong, white thong with small shapes on it, I admit I took notes on all of her panties so I could fantasize and remember them later and I wish I could remember more as I don't have the note here. I went home that night very happy, legs shaking, and rubbed out a really nice load.

The next day, I was just as excited, I finished getting the pets food and water together, and went up again. I picked up several pairs, smelled them and rubbed em on my d*ck. This time getting over the rush, I was feeling a lot more naughty. So I picked up 2 of the boxes of panties and took them into the guest room which had a bed and a computer. I turned on the computer, got naked, turned on some ****, and poured the panties out, as I watched some **** I rubbed her panties all over d*ck and came so hard. I even came on a pair, so I had to wash em, I tried to put em all back together in the box as I found em and put em back. I loved them so much, I decided to "borrow" 2 pairs, a black thong, a pink thong, a beige bra, all with the scent of her panties, and panty drawer.

I still have them to this day hidden, love them just as much in more way than one, not sure if she knows, but we soon split as friends so I figured she knew somehow and told my friend or he found out somehow. I was only able to go back once more to hang out, as I had fantasized and hoped really hard for the longest time that it could happen again it was irresistible to not go in for a sneak peak, so I said I was going to bathroom and snuck into her room and got a good look at her newer panty drawer, now mostly lacy black thongs. I still get very excited to this day thinking that she may know that I have several pairs of her thongs and a bra. I fantasize and think about someday giving them back to her with a note or in person and seeing what she thinks, if she likes it or not, if she would respond, or if she even doesn't know, than just imagine what could happen. Do you think I should do this? If I ever do, I'll drop a comment letting you know.
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Apr 1, 2011