2 Weeks Straight

I haven't had much time to mess around with my fetishes latley being very bsy and stuff but that doesn't mean i have totally blocked out any thign havign to do with a good ******. For the past 2 weeks or more i've been playing with myself almost non stop. every few mintues i'll turn the lights out in my room lay down on the bed, spread my legs a part and feel how wet i am at the moment before i start . i don't really have any sex toys like ****** since im to young to buy them so i'll use a crayola marker to steamulate myself if i'm not wet enough. once i get a good feel of it i'll rub my **** til icum (which take abotu 15 mintues.. sometimes less) i scream when i have a ****** for some reasonso when i'm nto by myself i kinda have to tone it down, which i kinda hate. One day i let my bf listen in since he wanted to see how loud i could get, i didn't warn himi just told him to wait a sec then just screamed... i think i scared him alittle (lol) i think i'm going to keep doing this daily until i start back with my fetishes
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

sounds good message me?

i love your story have you tried making your self lose control forever of your pee that is