3 Times Just This Morning

Not quite true to title- sometimes only have time for once a day, But I make up for missed ones WHEN I do have time....today I was home alone this morning because I have a noon Drs appt.  I came 3 times reading stories on EP. Not bad for a 62 Y/O with a limp " Richard" Most days I do in bed before I get up and once online before bed ( Wife goes to bed early & gets up early)  I think I'm doing it more now than as a teeager- Was usually just at night in bed then ( No Internet in those days so less inspiration) As to not having time...If I wake up late I have to forgo the AM bout.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

It's possible that she goes to bed early for some 'self loving' for herself....? It must be pretty frustrating for you both so maybe she doesn't want to hurt your feelings by wanting sex.

She;s not interested and it dosn't get hard..I *** soft