Mastibating In My Own Poo

When I get the chance, I love to do this, the last time I got to do it was on Sunday, the day when, for the first time, I wore an adult nappy/diaper and not only wet it, but pooed in it.

I was really looking forward to Sunday, as it was to be my first time to not only wet my diaper, but poo in it, I useually have the oppertunity for fun on Sunday, as my house-mate is away for the day, from early afternoon until quite late in the evening.

However, I got off to a disapointing start; I was getting desperate to poo, and the lodger hadn't yet gone out; I didn't want to risk putting on the nappy/diaper, and going in it, whilst the lodger was there, so I had to use the toilet.

Damn. Bang goes my plan, or so I thought.

As soon as the lodger went out, I slipped on my pull up diaper, but first, as I had already pooped, I put a large butt plug in my boycunt.

once on, I slipped my plastic pants over the diaper, and then had an idea; both to ensure I had* to wee in my nappy, and to help stop leakages, I tapped myself in; Just round the legs, not about the waist; that way I could get my hands down, inside my nappy if I wanted to...

I went about my useual Sunday bisunness; drinking far too much coffee, tidying up in the house, doing some housework, washing laundry etc, and as soon as I felt the slightest need to wee, I just released it into my diaper.

by the time it got to when I normally shower, I'd done at least three good* wets into my diaper, and it was still not leaking, thanks to teh plastic pants; so I went upstairs, and into the bathroom to shower; I bought in my dirty nappy/diaper bag, so I could bag up the nappy, and got into teh shower.

First I put my hands inside, and removed my butt plug; Wow!

As soon as it slid out, I symultainiously weed again, and a very* substantial amount of soft poo came out, and into the diaper; This mixed with the wee, and so it was really soft and runny.

A bonus! So I was then hard, almost straight away, from doing this, and I removed the plastic pants, and then carefully took off the diaper/nappy:

I took the really heavy, soaking wet, and full of poo diaper, and just tipped its contents over myself; covering my entire body, from head to toe.

I smeared it all over myself, and my hands quickly moved to my very hard, and utterly coated in ****, ****, and I mastibated, eating bits of my own mess as I went, and smearing and playing with my **** with my free hand.

It was fablus, being covered in so much mess as I mastibated, and the poo, being very soft and wet, worked really well as a 'lube' on my penis....

I came buckets when I finally came, and as I was doing all this in the shower, clean up was just a case of turning on the water, and washing it all away.... Hoping I can mastibate again with my own **** soon, if the oppertunity arrises before next Sunday that'll be good..x
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I remember the first time I coated my **** with my **** and ***********, I came
like a wild cat !!!! I literally fell to my knees with weakness to the legs. It was the
best feeling I ever had !

Oh, definately! It still does that for me, when I ********** with ****, as I don't get to do it too* often, so it holds its 'magic'.... And I just adore that total feeling of weakness, when you *** and ****** so hard, your legs get all shaky and feel like they arn't going to have enough power to support you...

I love it as well. But I keep it just to my nappy area mostly. Thighs and tummy is fine though.

I have only done this once but I have to say it was great I must try and do it again.

For sure. I do it a lot!

I would love to have you there to help me! I still yearn after having scat fun with another person, I never seem to find anyone nearby though...

wish I could be there to help clean you up