My Very First ******...

was due to one of those shower heads on "high" pressure. I remember I was about eleven or twelve and out of curiosity, I put it on high and held it up to my clitoris. After a minute or two I started to feel this good sensation between my legs. It ended up so good that I kept doing it to the point of taking several showers a day! My mom had told me about orgams but I didn't understand that it was an ****** I was actually having. I thought you could only get one by having sex!
When me and my mom moved after my parents got divorced, I insisted she put that showerhead in my bathroom instead of the old one. She didn't understand why first, but I assured her it was necessary. After checking the pressure of what was my current showerhead, she changed it.
Then the following year, we moved again, but this house was new. The showerhead in my bathroom had good pressure and it wasn't removeable like my last one. I told my mom she had to hook it up again. She thought it was weird of me to ask and even if she did try, she couldn't figure out how to change it.
But luckily at my dads house, my bathroom over there has a faucet that's removeable with "high" pressure so I could still enjoy it sometimes.
When I went to college last fall, I moved into an apartment nearby and got a friend to install it for me. Now I can enjoy the freedom of it when ever.
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I've had GREAT ******* just from the tub faucet. Um, you have to get in a pretty awkward position to get your important areas under the faucet-- pretty much with your *** to the end of the tub and your legs going up the wall, but oh it's worth it. So worth it.

I had a removable one in my house for a while when I lived at home... you can always just adjust the pressure and lie right underneath the faucet with the water running over your ****, a bit more direct so it might take some getting used to but I come even harder that way!