*** On!

This morning was great, every morning is great! Showered, shaved my **** and balls, love the smooth feeling of my hard ****! I sat in my chair in the nude with my lap top and ep'd. I started stroking my ****, then rubbing it while reading and looking at a picture of two guys playing with each other(would love to be able to do that just once), anyway,I just kept working my **** out and then *** came oozing out all over my smooth **** and balls!!! What a great start to a day!! Rubbing *** all over and licking it off my fingers!! Oh baby! I love playing with my **** and ep  friends get me horny! Thanks 
perry5333 perry5333
46-50, M
5 Responses Jul 21, 2010

And there my friend is the proud photographer ... smiling about my seed! LOL

In public or pubic???? Your seedy side? You mean there is a side that is not seedy? Let me see de!!

LOL ... I was going to suggest to you that I had the type of photo you might like... but didn't want to EXPOSE my seedy side in public!

married2bf, it was your photo that made me ***!!!!! Thank you! Can I be next please?

Those are the best mornings!!