Sister N Law Saw

My sister-in-law saw me jacking off.  We were at there house for a family birthday celebration.  I had to pee but the guest bathroom was occupied so i slipped into their masterbath.  As soon as i walked in i could smell her perfume and my **** started to get hard. So I decided to sit on the toilet and jack off...I really couldn't go back in with the family a big hard on.  The toilet faced a window that looked out on to their back deck. Off to the side was a clothes hamper.  I looked in the hamper and there was a pair of my sister-in-law's panties.  Hmmm...they smell so sweet and it just made me that much harder. I rubbed them on my **** as I jacked off smearing my pre-*** on the crouch where her ***** had been.   I was trying to decide whether or not i should *** on her panties when I looked up towards the window and saw my sister-in-law peeking in.  I pretended not to notice her and deciced i had to let her watch me ***.  I covered her panties in my *** and it felt so so good. I wiped my **** off and placed them back in the hamper.  I looked back at the window and she was gone.  Shortly after I returned to the party, I noticed my sister-n-law going into their bedroom and I wanted to slip off to the deck but got cornered by a relative and couldn't get away.  When she came back I noticed she looked a little flushed.  Damned...I wished I could peeked in on her. When she walked by me and we exchanged knowing looks at each other. A little later we were in the kitchen I saw her bending over to put dishes in the washer and her shirt rose up enough for me to see her panties...and yes they looked just like the ones from the bathroom hamper.  I have *********** to this event many many times. :) 

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It has been a while... Is there any more to add about sister in law?

would of been nice to **** her as she bent over the washer to add more *** to her panties

I think so... Sure look like she did! Should have done the sniff test...too much family around :) dc

Great story!
I have one too! not as much as exciting as yours but I ********** to it almost every day. My sister n law (brother's wife) lives with us and my brother is in another country to study. So, one day when she was at work. And I was home alone. I was watching TV. I had the urge to pee. Her bathroom was much closer than mine. So, I ran in her bathroom. When I finished peeing, I saw a hamper and I found two pairs of panties there! I picked them up, I started to smell and lick one, and jack off on the crotch of the other one. Now I still do that a lot. It feels soo good. Just the thought that my *** is getting in her ***** makes me hard. :)

Sorry for my poor English!

my sis 10 and her friend girl caught me with with penis in hand i saw them but couldn't stop. they saw the eruption. in the next few day sis asked me to do it again i was 14 and said sure

Very sexy story! Thanks for sharing. <br />
<br />
My favorite one was shooting my load on my sis in laws towell while she was in the shower.<br />
<br />
She rubbed my hot white *** all over her body as she towelled off...<br />
<br />

Hmmmm...after shower lotion adding a glow in all the right places :-) Thanks for sharing! dc

I'm glad to see that there is some EP'ers out there still enjoying this hot story and rating it up! It's one of my favorites too. It is at the top for ratings and views for my stories :-) More comments are always welcome…dc

Great...I think she got on after see you stroking then she went in the room to do the same...

Exactly my point...and on that day it was a real ***** for me....that ended in an exciting way I'll never forget.<br />
Thanks for undersatnading. DC

Sometimes a guy just gets so aroused he HAS to jack off or otherwise it gets painful, and the bulge in your pants is embarrassing.

It's awesum...sumtimes if kinnda hot to do it when they don't know it... I hav e done it to a few of my friends wives panties...none the wiser. Thanks for ur comment.<br />

Thanks dcnsc for bringing this story to my attention. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also got to jack off to my sis in laws panties but alas, it was a closed bathroom with no room for anyone to accidentally see me do it. But the scent was hers and I was in another world..... ;)

It's funny...after my "sister-n-Law saw" i kinda thought we would have one of these moments where we were alone and we could bring up the never happin but there many times i wondered what we would have said. I would have loved to know about the panties. It's been years ago but we still exchange the knowing looks at times.

A similar thing happened to me. We were at my wife's neice's house for a holiday party in the summer. The powder room door was locked, everyone else was outside, so I walked into the bedroom of the neice+husband and went into their bathroom to pee.<br />
<br />
I've never passed up the opportunity to look at worn panties, so I quickly found their laundry hamper, lifted the cover and found a pair of yellow cotton briefs laying on top the other clothing. The elastic bands were slightly damp and the fabric had the unmistakeable scent of *****, a little unwiped pee drops and they also had a small very-slight brown streak in the middle at the rear part of the gusset panel. Best of all, the crotch panel was covered in a semi-sticky thick gooey off-white deposit. I held them to my face and inhaled: The neice had been ****** sufficiently to result in a lot of *** leaking from her **** lips. I jacked off licking the stain.<br />
<br />
Just then the bathroom door opened and I saw my wife's neice's face in the bathroom mirror, with an unusual look in her eyes. I am pretty sure she saw me licking her undies and jacking off.<br />
<br />
To this day when we have family get togethers, I fantasize about telling her how good her **** juices smelled and tasted.

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I came to the same conclusion...My sister-in-law walks into the bathroom and removes the creamy panties from the hamper and closely examines them. She raises them to face for a smell and even licks the panties as if to confirm what she had witness me do. She strips her pants and panties down all in movement and pulls the cream filled panties up to her *****. She spreads her legs and rubs the *** filled panties on her ****. She is facing the window and looks for my face to appear so I can see her ***. By the time she finishes the panties are a creamy mess of a combination of our juices. Here's where i like to think she puts her pants back on leavining on the creamy panties against her ****. Mostly likely she returned the panties to the hamper and washed her creamy ***** off with a washcloth. Then went to her bedroom and picked a pair of the same color and finished dressing.

I had drawn the conclusion that his sister-in-law slipped off to ********** herself. (watching dcns would be enough to rev any girl's engine) Undies *** in multipacks ... but hmm ... you think she got the used undies and put them on?

oh thats deliciously nasty :-)