Wild Night

i tried for weeks to lucid dream by carefully recording all of my dreams and doing frequent reality checks during the day. Finally i decided to try the Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD) technique and it was awesome to say the least. Stayed conscious through the hypnogogics and then experienced intense vibrations as my 'dream self' kind of merged into a vivid hypnogogicly created setting and i realized i was actually dreaming and aware i was dreaming. weeks passed and i learned to tear down the mental blocks that prevent you from defying logic in a dream setting. At this point i still Lucid occasionaly, initiating the experience essentially by focusing my desire to have a lucid dream as i fall asleep at night, or do a mini-WILD after waking up naturally in the morning. For help learning to Lucid, www.dreamviews.com is your best bet.
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AMAZING!! T^T I used to lucid dream when I was really young, and I didn't realize that until last year. I want to learn lucid dreaming. But somehow it is not working T^T I go to sleep EVERYDAY thinking that today I will have a lucid dream. I am always doing reality checks. I tried Binaural waves. Nothing is working T^T what should I do? any advice?

They are amazing indeed! :D
Do you like to do it lying down or sitting up?

what the heck is the wake initiated lucid dream?

never mind! googled it. for everyone else, its staying perfectly still and keeping a blank mind to convince your body to sleep. Eventually you start to hallucinate and then you can create your own scene for your dreams.

I don't know if I could do this lol I give up to easly and my mind wanders and then goes to sleep :/ Even though without lucid dreaming I do still have really odd and vivid dreams