How Lucid Dreaming Changed My Life

I first began lucid dreaming when I was 12. I think I was in class and I realized, "Hey, I'm supposed to be at home sleeping, I don't remember walking to school or getting ready." Immediately, I didn't know it then, but I became lucid. I tried waking up by blinking, but I wouldn't budge. I was in panic at first, but then I calmed down and thought, "If I'm aware that I'm dreaming, I can do whatever, right?" I tried a quick test by pecking my crush on the cheek. If I wasn't dreaming, I would never live it down. But to my surprise, he just smiled at me and continued talking to the teacher, and the teacher didn't care one bit. I knew for real that I was dreaming. I thought in my head that teachers were annoying and that they should disappear and go somewhere else, and POOF. She's gone. I then imagined that we were all cute puppies and that my crush was one of those bad-*** German Shepherd police dogs. It became doggie day care, except us dogs could talk.

Later, when I realized I could do whatever, we all became human kids again and a thunderstorm locked us in. With no teachers we felt cool and excited. I imagined that zombies would attack us and they did. We all got guns out of nowhere and killed them all. Suddenly, the lights switched off and we all screamed, then I woke up.

After that awesome experience I had to have some more of it. It felt so amazing to know that there was this fantasy-land where I could do whatever I want. I took a nap that day, thinking "Be aware that you're dreaming" over and over. When I fell asleep and entered my dream I was still saying it, but in a murmur kind of whisper. I stopped talking when I realized I was in school again. I was tired of the school experience, so I gathered my favorite classmates, and we all appeared in my ice castle.

It was made of snow but I didn't feel cold. At first I thought that was odd, but then I realized I was dreaming and would not feel a fake tempature. That made me even more aware. I said, "Pretty ice dress.."And I was wearing a silver dress, glass high heels, white angel wings and my hair had turned black. My classmates just looked around in awe, the way I had imagined it. I made them wear ice outfits, too, and I realized my castle would need some guardians, so I had some white huskies with diamond collars be our guards.

I explored my castle and when I realized there was something missing, I would imagine how that missing thing would be like until the castle was completed. I was barely in my second lucid dream and I was already configuring EVERYTHING like a pro.

Now, nearly every night, I am a different girl. I remember a lucid dream where I was a rich girl in Beverly hills, and another when I was living with a pack of Chihuahua's on a tropical island. I was a Chihuahua as well, and I was the princess one.

I remember one lucid nightmare. I fell asleep, excited to return to my fantasy life, and instead woke up in a dark apartment with a tint of red. There was candles with red flames- they were the things giving off that red tint. I was breathing fast. I hadn't experienced this before. I forgot that I could easily imagine myself somewhere nice and be there, out of here. Suddenly a demon creature appeared, saying, "Time to die." I screamed and ran off somewhere else. I opened and door and ran through there. It was hard to see since the red glow was no longer there and it was pitch black now.

The red glow appeared again and I realized the demon wasn't following me: it's shadow was. And then I remembered the events of the day and that I shouldn't be here: I was asleep. I snapped back into a lucid dream and stopped running. The shadow turned into the demon and I said, "You can't hurt me. You're fake."

The demon growled and went to attack me, but I felt nothing. I wished to be the queen of Poodles, a nice, childish place. Immediately the demon and the scary apartment building was gone, and I was surrounded with poofy and cute poodles. I was surrounded in bright sunlight and cheerful waterfalls, green grass, and a posh castle. My dream became good immediately went I became lucid. That's what I realized. I don't like the nightmares because sometimes I forget to be lucid. But it's only the nightmares that aren't lucid. Everything else is great.

Lucid dreaming was a good thing, but sometimes it could be bad.
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I learned recently how to lucid dream, its so different. Its just... now I don't want to wake up.