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I was in my mid 20's when I realized my fathers visits in the dream lore were real. They were far and few but affected my waking hours with great passion. My fathers presence is so strong it needs no sight the dream lore warnings are all the proof I need to believe the dream lore is Gods habitat! It is here that every man gets his fair chance to make better choices. In my life God has used the dream lore on many occasions as I have an active mind . If a dream sticks with me I know I must take notice...reoccurring haunted house? For many years two different views of the same scary house I never knew which would come to me as they never appear at the same time? About a year ago the kitchen view small dark dirty leading into a huge house...it suddenly cans on me that God has been warning me of this great event in my life since I was a small child! One man turned my simple dreams of a place to call home into a nightmare that seems to have no end? My fathers presence is my reassurance God has a reason why I must be aware why I must witness my own fall and use him as my crutch until I am well enough to stand on my own again.
I'm still not sure where this fits into my personal life but I have to include it because it touched me that way personally. Michael Jackson came to me not long after his death he's showing me around this huge dark dirty house people lying everywhere...he has a look of dismay but he can't speak?.. Finially we get to the last room it's small and deal but spotless the bed shaped like a diamond with lots of pillows! Suddenly a small hand grabs a bag of Doritos from under the blanket? I wake up! This dream would lead to a song which describes the look on his face Earth Song it's a must see this is his chosen voice no matter how the world sees him God knows his truth and that's what counts in the conclusion of ones life.
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I have also had the visit from a loved one dream. The day after my father died I dreamed that his spirit was surrounding me with love and affection. I interpreted this as just a reminder from myself that I knew he loved me rather than a supernatural visitation. A therapist once told me that dreams about houses are dreams about our inner selves and I have found that to be true about myself at least. I often dream I am lost in a big scary house I can't find my way out of.