Worst "nightmare" Ever

Iv been Lucid dreaming for awhile now. before i even knew what lucid dreaming was i was doing it. I remember sleeping on my couch and opening my eyes to a bald skinny african lady with blacked out eyes. She was just staring at me. I awoke from my "dream" panting and sweating. It had felt soooo real. After that, i started experiencing more and more dreams like that. I have seen frightening things. It has gone from lucid dreaming to out of body experiences and now to astral projection. Whats the difference? well to me astral is more traveling your surroundings where out of body experiences are more just floating above your bed. This is just what I believe though. Most the time i do not want to have an astral projection or O.B.E. It scares me. Just a couple days ago i kept falling asleep into and O.B.E and couldnt get any sleep. Kept seeing shadows and things like that. I rememeber i got angry at them and told them to leave using Jesus Christs name. It worked :) but thats just some of my experiences. Im new to this so ill be updating everytime i have one! :p thanks for reading :)
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

This sounds more like sleep paralysis than lucid dreaming, although if you're controlling where you go it would be lucid dreaming I guess. Read up on sleep paralysis, there's a big WIkipedia article.

I've been trying hard do this, I do it sometimes with out trying, but when I try I can not make my self have a lucid dream. <br />
I've read all the websites and things like that, would you be interested in sharing how you came about getting so week trained in it?

same happned wit me....