The Night Conquered

Unfortunately I suffer with chronic pain. When I fall asleep in pain it will effect my dreams. They quickly turn into nightmares that surround that part of my body that's in pain. ie: if I should have sharp stabbing pains in my lower back due to my torn disk then I would dream about someone chasing me and stabbing me over and over again in the back in extremely vivid and violent detail. Needless to say not a very peaceful night's rest. Only to wake up in more pain and exhaustion. Finally I said enough is enough and taught myself to lucid dream. Meaning taking the control over to my conscious from my sub conscious and recognize the fact that it is a dream. I will consciously stop and look around within the dream to recognize something that could only be in a dream. As soon as I see that trigger I automatically wake up. This technique is not limited to nightmares. If say I'm just simply dreaming again my consioness and sub conscious will meet and I can manipulate it so perfectly and dream the most wonderful dreams. It is said that if you can master your nighttime dreaming then you can also be the master of your own dreams in life. 

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I've had lucid dreams before. They were fun and I did some AMAZING things, mostly reliving moments I miss and doing movie parodies like moves from Bruce Lee things and such.

yup . . . thats a lucid dream . . . fantastic when your both side of your conscience are in balance . . . anything can be done . . .

I read an article about lucid dreaming and was fascinated. I bought a book that told me the first thing to do was find your hands in your dream. I didn't get it to work. I'm glad you did!

truely is fascinating and a great skill to have . . . well I never found my hands either and I could do it . . . keep trying . . . I HAD to learn it . . . I think that might make the difference in just how fast you pick it up . . . I know with some it takes a while . . . but EVERYONE can do it . . . thank you and thank you for taking the time to read listen and comment . . . 8D

What a fascinating subject and info...Thanks for sharing it....

it truely is . . . thank you for taking the time to read and comment . . . truely appreciated . . . 8D

Facsinating. I've been sort of doing that anyway- I will try and take a dream where I want to go, but it doesn't feel right, emotionally, within the dream.

it makes for an excellent experience . . . for me I had to learn it . . . not sure what you mean as far as not feeling emotionally right within the dream . . . thank you for taking the time to read and to comment my new friend . . . 8D

Well, its like if I was walking down a street or playing on a swing and I wanted to go into a shop or have a go on a roundabout, but decided to walk past or stay on the swing, it wouldn't feel right. The dream wanted me to change my actions, but I decided not not to. Or if in a dream, I find money and pick it it up, I know it isn't real, its only a dream. I appear to be going in the wrong direction from the dream.
Thank you for friending me, much appreciated.

I like reading you. Maybe I didn't know the pain you had, ( stabbing pains in your back ). I wrote about my dream last night, poof it disappeared before I posted it to you. Your friend DonFriendlyDom You are good at writing and sharing. Don

thank you . . . I hope it helps you . . .

You are going to have to teach me how to do that.

for you . . . anything . . .