I've Been Having Lucid Dreams For Probably More Than 10 Years...i'm Only 19.

I'm just making this short, well as short as I can.
I can do mostly everything & anything my mind can think of. Here's a list of some things I've done in my dreams before:
*Wake up whenever I feel like it to the point I strongly believe I almost died, because my soul or spirit wasn't ready to come back.
*De Ja Vu
*Run through walls (I can't remember the last time I used a door or any other entries.
*Fly whenever I feel like it
*I notice I hover, I never walk
*I tried slow motion which worked perfectly!
*I rewind my dreams when something doesn't go right
*Food tastes so good!
*Call for someone I wanted to see or talked to & they showed up (I had to turn around, say there name, & turn back around though)
*Learned to Drive before I actually drove a car in real life (which by the way my first time driving felt just like my dreams)
*Defeated a bunch of my nightmares
*When something was after me, I would tell them to go somewhere else or do something else & they would
*Jumped into a picture & I was at that location (like in Blue Clues)
*Talked to God to answer my questions at a personal level
*I was always the Hero in my dreams, rarely the one who was in trouble
*Dreamt of actual pain which IS hard to bare
*Would dream of my brother & wake up to tell my mom he was on our way to our house now. Never failed.

I've done thousand of other things, but I can't think of good ones. Most of them are typical just that I can do them more than an average person.
P.S. No one ever remembers the beginning of their dreams. When you dream, the dream starts at the middle of it. Think of it as if you were flipping through the television channels. You just flip into the middle of a movie, and you watch until it ends.
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that's awsome! i'm so jealous, I've done it a few times but not as much as you haha, ima learn one day.

I always had this thing growing up that I would figure out im in a dream and I would go up to the dream person, a friend or family member and I would say, "I know this is a dream" I would become frozen in that position and the person I told it to would run away at like 1,000 mph on foot and then I would wake up haha, but haven't had one of those in forever.

Haha thanks. It takes practice. How to practice is when you know you are in a dream do whatever the heck you feel like it to prove it. When that happens pretty much everyone in your dream will do whatever they can to distract you or embarrass you. You should see the movie Inception with Leonardo Dicaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It's pretty accurate though I've proven some of there theories wrong :)

Cool, I'll check it out tomorrow. I've been up for 22 hours so Ima have to get some sleep, nice talking to you, good night.

That is so freaking, awesome! The more I try to control my dreams, the less control I have, hahaha. Kudos to you!

I suggest that you make a dream diary. You are not that lazy or else you would not be posting them on e.p. Try it. You may get to know yourself to a greater degree.

That sounds insane lol. I have too many dreams & I remember alot of details. Plus, I'm lazy :P<br />
Thank you though!! Maybe I'll share a good chunk of them on this website...

do note down all your dreams and map it to your mood of that day.<br />
you will soon become a master of your mind

Thanks!<br />
<br />
I don't lucid dream every night, but every single one of my dreams that I have I KNOW that I am dreaming because I'll do things I know that I can't do in real life (such as walking through walls). I'm so use to remembering my dreams that in my dream state this is normal for me to do. I can't always control them, but I'll say at least once to four times a week I'll have a Lucid Dream.<br />
I grew up doing this since I was a child & I didn't know it was rare O_O