I'm In An Odd Predicament.

Well, most of my dreams are lucid. And, I've always been afraid I would confuse waking from sleeping, so I tend to only dream about the dead. I have played chess with Benjamin Franklin, and found that Andrew Carnegie gives great advice. I've met Edgar Allan Poe, whose hands shake terribly, and makes it very clear that "He prefers to remain dead." It's come to a point where I consider many historical figures personal friends. It's an odd sensation to be learning about someone in history class and know you have had conversations with that person. Really, truly, odd.
It's even more odd to be talking with your friend about a conversation you've had, and be given a funny look because you're so calm talking about, "Long talks with Marilyn." or "asking Amelia about her last flight." Really. It's a doozy.
And to add to the intrigue, I'm fifteen, and classified as a "genius." Not that I take that seriously, I'm rather scatter-brained. I'm thinking about posting a few conversations I've had on this, (I write them all down when I wake up, I have a photographic memory, so I promise they're accurate.) so someone else understands. I'm very tired of being told I'm bonkers. :) Not that I mind.
Thank you.
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2 Responses Jan 2, 2013

That is very awesome! I am one of those who rarely remember their dreams when awaken, so be very thankful for this ability!

Being that your a "genius" as you say I imagine your dream people are also very smart. Some of my dream people are smart and some of them seem to not know facts about themselves.