Lsd Dream

Before I fell asleep, I wanted to dream of something trippy. I experienced what seemed like an lsd trip in my dream. Images and writings appeared on the wall and were flashing all over the place. The room was super wavy, my body temperature had risen as if I was drugged up. My head was constantly moving back and fourth looking at everything around me. I became somewhat scared and wanted to wake up but I told myself to stay asleep so I could see and feel more. My little sister and mom were sleeping next to me. I wanted them to talk to me, to see if they knew what I was seeing even though I knew they wouldn't know what I was experiencing, since I was in a dream world. Suddenly, my sister started whining about me being too close to her and my mom was scolding her. I looked over at them and they were laying completely still, eyes closed, with their mouths just moving. Their voices were so clear and super loud. They both started yelling super fast at the same time and I could no longer understand what they were saying. All of a sudden their arms were rapidly moving in the air. I then became really scared but I still did not want to wake up. I wanted to figure out something that would help me overcome my fear in the dream. I knew the only thing that could possibly work is if I brought in God Himself. I started praying in my dream and asked the Lord to come in and stop the evil. A large black face of Jesus was floating in the air above me and I could hear a deep voice. I could feel myself smiling because it worked. His face started floating towards my face and the evil voices finally became faint. My sister and mom then stopped moving and were back to normal, sleeping.. No noise. The images on the walls stopped, but the room was still wavy. I told myself to wake up. I woke up somewhat creeped out but so happy at the same time. The room was also still wavy looking, and my vision was blurry. It was insane.. yet such a cool experience. It's amazing how I can control everything that's happening around me in a dream.
alongoria992 alongoria992
Jan 10, 2013