Third Eye Vision While Awakening?

Today I went into WILD, I had 3 dreams and flashes of images.
By my last dream I wanted to wake up and usually before I wake up everything goes black and I may go into sleep paralysis. But this time everything went black, I felt myself laying in bed ready to wake up but I started seeing a purple/bluish light in the center of the darkness. It grew and shone a triangle appeared around it and behind it a white light peeked through. It was almost as if this white light was trying to break through. I knew I had a choice to open my eyes or keep staring at this and let it break through. I don't know if this was my third eye opening or not but I've herd both good and bad about the third eye and kunalini that lucid dreaming is enough for me. So I decided to open my eyes. But now I cant help but me curious about it.

most people see it through meditation which is way I don't meditate but through the wakening state? I guess that could be like meditation ?
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013