How to Have Lucid Dreams


   We are most often lucid while dreaming if we are falling or flying. The intense nature of falling/flying increases our awareness to the point that we become lucid. 

  We can increase our chance of having these falling/flying episodes while dreaming by experiencing these same sensations while  awake and thinking “as above so below” at the moment we have these specific sensations.   We can easily search out these experiences in several ways.

I watched the Steve McQueen movie “Bullet”. There is a very intense car chase scene in the roiling hills of San Fresco, Ca. As Steve McQueen’s powerful Mustang charged up the hill my stomach muscle would tighten in anticipation then tighten more as the car flew over the top off the hill at least ten feet in the air. Then it got worse as his car flew down the hill at unbelievable speeds, certain to crash as it tried to fly through intersections while other cars and trucks were IN the intersections! Wow. I know I am going to have a flying dream tonight just from writing this example. Remember as I am watching this I am saying to myself “as above, so below”. Simple. 

  There are many other ways to have these sensations of falling/flying. You could sit in the back seat of a car and let someone you barely trust drive down hill and come to a stop a moment after you would have stomped on the brakes. For the record be careful, don’t break any laws, don’t try any stunts and above all don’t have sex in moving cars going down hill, while no one is actually driving. Please. 

  Fast elevators, sky diving, and high platform diving are great. Even standing near the edge of a high building or cliff can induce this tightening sensation of the stomach muscle. Remember to repeat “as above so below” as you do these things. Do your prefer method x3 each day and don’t call me in the morning. 

  Now you should have your falling/flying experience while dreaming and become lucid. Now the trick is to hold on to the lucid awareness as long as you want. A method that works for me is to turn slowly to my left as I fly. This helps me to not wake up. Of course, the more often you do this the better you will get. 

  One more point. While lucid and in your subconscious you can go anywhere you want, that is any were you can dream of.  You can control your dreams…DD          

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Is there a way to say bring a subconcius being of yours ( i mean mine ) out so you can talk or somthing its complicated but i could use the help with this thing if you know of a thing please reply so i can explain

Let me know how they work for you...DD

Interesting technique... I want to have more lucid dreams, so I might try a few of these ideas floating around.