Nearly Every Night

I got interested in them years ago, when I started having them all the time. I did some research and learnt some techniques and whatnot to try. For some reason I didn't have any lucid dreams for quite awhile-- then I got the odd dream here and there, and now, I'm having one nearly every night, which is a lot of fun.

They're always even clearer than reality, which just sounds bizarre, but really, they are. Mine are, at least.

I had one last night. I was back at my primary school (I dream about it so much for some reason). I was climbing what used to be considered the 'teacher's' stairs. Suddenly everything was so very clear-- I remember looking around and thinking it was amazing that a certain part of my mind could recall what the school looked like in such detail.

I remember not having many flying dreams in the past. My sister had/has them all the time and says they're really fun so I started thinking hard about flying everytime I went to sleep. I concentrated very hard until finally, I fell asleep one night and in the dream, very easily lifted myself into the air and soared around.

I've heard when it comes to lucid dreaming, it can feel/look so real that you have a hard time believing it isn't. This has been the case for me. I also read that when in doubt, look down at your hands, and they should look a little different from what they would in your waking life. I do this all the time, and they always look a little weird... varying in size and whatnot. So I can always tell I'm dreaming right away, haha.

Another thing I've read is that when you're starting to become less lucid, put out your arms and spin around. This has worked for me before though unfortunately, it has also woken me up from my dreams too.

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Try to read and again you will know that you are dreaming. Also try turning slowly to the left to maintain your dream experience...DD

Damascus, I know that. It's a dream you can control-- I didn't say much about that, but I know that's what it is. But as wikipedia says; Lucid dreams can be extremely real and vivid depending on a person's level of self-awareness during the lucid dream.-- that's what I was going on about.

LOL, it doesn't work like that. Your brain doesn't process the things you don't think matter at the time. So, your hands would only look funny if you were watching a soccer game and your focus was on the ball. If you're in a beauty contest, your whole body will look normal, maybe even better ;) If you're driving a car, your hands and reflection in the mirrors will be normal, but street signs and tall buildings will be unusual and so on. So, you have to watch out for different details every time.

See, I read about the hand thing once, and it never applied to me. A few nights after I read about it, I had a lucid dream and looked down at my hands to see if they were funny looking, and they weren't.

Actually lucid dreams are dreams when you know you're dreaming, and because of that you can do anything. Flying, telekinesis, whatever you wish for. I usually create swords and blow stuff up XD