now i am not a master of lucid dreaming, i am in fact an insomniac, i don't know too much about lucid dreaming however my friend told me that whenever he has one, he tries to fly he explained how to do it and i though i would try it too when i next lucid dream. So the other night i realised i was in a dream and i just looked up and took off, however it was not like a plan journey where you soar over a landscape, i was travelling at extreme speeds and everything going past me was all a blur, i awoke about 10 seconds later with a pain in my heart from the adrenaline rush of the flight, i just wanted to find out if anybody else does things like this, and i am scared it will become an automatic reaction every time i have a lucid dream because although it was an amazing rush, it was very painful on my heart and i understand that an immense amount of adrenaline to the heart can cause death. so yer that's my story feel free to share yours and perhaps offer me some advice on how to control my lucid dreams a little more safely. 

Chazvickas Chazvickas
18-21, M
Mar 11, 2010