I Masturate

I ********** twice a day.. Sometimes I think I have a problem!
keishantey keishantey
22-25, F
4 Responses Dec 14, 2012

so do I, just need to let it out it feels so good

You Sure Do, Honey. WHY Only twice a day ... OMG, after 4 Times a day, I'm only just getting Warmed Up !

You need a friend to relieve you of your needs n im feeling pretty friendly.


Its a lot funner when pleaure is exchanged, especially if you have someone that can do it right. Im not the selfish type f guy that just wnts to gratify himself. I get pleasure from making ladies happy. You interested?

I know, I have a boyfriend that pleases me really good, I just have a high sex drive and crave it so much!

You a math problem, let me be your problem solver.

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I do it atleast three times a day so i don't think anything is wrong with u

Lol good, thank you!