Always Horny

My husband is good, we have sex 3 times a week but I need it more often so I often ********** to keep my sexual urges under control.

I frequently would ********** 3 times a day, morning shower, late afternoon and just before bed.

My husband has no problems as I often ********** in front of him with my toys

Hope I am not alone as I feel this is too much.
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20 Responses Sep 6, 2012

Have at it sweetie, that`s why the toys were made !! I know I love to *** too !!!

Dont think u r alone, although my wife is not horny like that, wish she was, i wud watch her all the time and then join in xx

I hope my wife was that horny.

<p>First, I love it when women talk about ************. I've even written a story dedicated to this. Second, three times a day hardly seems excessive to me. I find that no matter how much (or little) sex I'm getting at a particular time, I never loose the urge to **********. Two or three times a day would be a typical amount for me. ba<x>sed on conversations I've had with others, I'd say three times a day is not unusual for healthy, youngish adults. Please don't spend another moment being concerned about this. Just enjoy yourself :)</P><br />

I ********** whenever I get hard and can get some privacy.

Very subtle Enjoy yourself...I'm gonna even more knowing what you're up to.

Wow. Your seriously hot. Even you profile pic makes me long for more. Friends?

Have your husband play with the toys with you its an awesome bf loves it considering I'm the first one he's done that with. Even mutual ************ at the same time is freaking awesome

It's only too much if it's causing you problems such as blowing off responsibilities in order to **********. If you can fit it into your day, go for it.

love this!!

never to much

Normal only counts in regards to what is normal for you. Doesn't matter what everyone else is doing. If 3 times a day is what you need then as far as I'm concerned that is normal for You. I myself often ********** 2-3 times a day, to me that's normal in my situation

It is what it is. Do what you have to do to get your relief :)

You are not alone, I feel the same way. I ********** daily and my husband isn't really happy about it. I tell him if he'd have sex with me more I wouldn't have to do it as much. His drive is much less than mine.

Vanessa, you are obviously very appealing and by the comments already made I am sure that most would agree with me. So it might come down to being as simple as your sex drive is much higher than your husbands. This is not necessarily a bad thing and can be used to your advantage. Sex is a healthy and soul soothing act when experienced between consenting adults (or solo). Do it often and enjoy it enthusiastically. It burns a ton of calories as well. 8¬)

As wonderful as it would be to bed you, the thought of simply watching you enjoy your body would be a welcome sight.

why doesn't your hubby join you? mutual ************ is awesome!

I wish I I was him, I would have joined in often! My wife and I do enjoy it regularly.

Vanessa, that is very sexy but it is too bad he does not get the hint

understand....i wish we were neighbors buhahahahaha

I ********** way to much to, but my wife only likes sex about three times a week. So she will often help me rub one off in the morning.

Love watching woman ********** it is a sexy as hell