The Vending Machine Girl

I am sure there are many people who ********** in their office toilet. I'd like to share some stories where *** ended up somewhere else than the toilet bowl.

In one of my previous assignments, I was sitting in a room which had an inside window to the corridor. I liked being able to look at people going by as I worked without being disturbed by them, but one caught my eye in particular. There was a coffee vending machine right opposite to the window my desk was at. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw who was doing the maintenance on the vending machines. An amazing young sporty blonde with reasonably large boobs (must be at least D cup) with a very cute face. I enjoyed watching her in light clothes - this was summertime - she often wore high-cut shorts which exposed her legs and *** perfectly. I would watch as she bent over to pick up stuff while she was working, her boobs jiggle when she would scrub the dirt off the machine. Once I walked past her when she was doing her maintenance and could read her name off her ID tag. I googled and found out that she was only 18 and a hockey cheerleader! Most of the time I just enjoyed the show quietly from my desk. However I gradually learned her route through the vending machines in the building, at would sometimes move to the next machine ahead of her to get a longer show. I was especially thrilled to realise one of the coffee vending machines was opposite a drop-in workspace which had darkened windows and it was empty most of the time. The drop-in workspace was also the one right after my own desk. So one time when I saw her appear on my desk's machine I snuck into the drop-in workspace to see if it was empty. My plan was to take pictures of her secretly. Lucky me, the drop-in space was empty. I found a decent place to shoot at the machine where I could pretend I was working if someone came in. Soon she came to do her thing, I enjoyed the amazing side views of her boobs but soon realized I can't really get good pictures from my vantage point. I put away my camera and couldn't control the urge to feel my **** through my trousers. An ****** caught me totally off guard and I found myself shooting a sticky load in my pants in the middle of a working day. I stayed in the work space until she had left and snuck into a toilet to clean up the mess in my pants...

I was sad to find out she was only a summer employee and was soon replaced by the regular vending machine girl, a flat-chested bland looking older girl...
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What a great experience. Too bad that girl left but at least you got one shot off while watching her!

I have *********** at work a few times. LOL