I work as a security guard at a target. My desk is in front of the door and while there I play on my phone and read the stories on here. I was reading one about some lady sucking her man off and getting a huge facial just before answering the door with the *** still drippiing from her face. While reading I pulled it out right at the desk with a camera pointing right at me which got me even more excited. I would play with my head, slowly stroke itand rub the tip while reading. After a short while i just had to grab my thick shaft and stroke. I went until i was about to *** and stopped, and did a few times before i had to finish myself in the bathroom by shooting my rather big load and go back to work.
iwiz13 iwiz13
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I love jacking off at Target.!!! I will cruise the panty section..get hard and head to the restroom. I will start leaving my load on the floor.!!