Traffic Jam Fun

Today I was in a stand still on the highway. I even put my car in park is how bad traffic was.
I was looking around to see who I was surrounded by. I spotted a couple young cute guys. I tried getting their attention. When I finally noticed them looking at me I smiled at them and un buttoned my blouse.
Showing them my bra and rubbing my ****.
I see them mouth the word *more*
so I took my bra off and rubbed and pinched my nipples.

I got bored of that and wanted more excitement. So I took my panties off and held them up for them to see I now just have on a medium *above my knees* length skirt.
I watch as their mouths drop open.
I put my fingers in my mouth and suck on them as if I was sucking hard ****. By looking at their faces I could tell they both had hard ons. That turn me on more and my ***** was screaming to be rubbed.
I put my hand down and started to rub my ****. Flicking it teasing it and smacking it.
My lane finally started moving but not much now I'm beside the guys I roll my window down put my car in park again. Stick my leg out the window down so they have a better view.
Now that they can see I started rubbing my **** fast as I begin to moan I put my finger in my wet tight *****. Slow and then fast in and out the excitement of them watching cheering me on was getting me hot. Inserting my second finger in and out faster and faster. Moaning loud as I begin
To ****** moans turn to loud * oooooh yessss baby mmmmmmhm!! I'm ******* mmhm!!!*
rubbing my pulsing ***** and licking and sucking my fingers.
I look at their faces and ask *Do you want a taste?*
They didn't hesitate to say yes ma'am.
They gave me their numbers and I got them to follow me home for twice the fun.
mmhmgood mmhmgood
5 Responses Sep 21, 2012

very hot

Wow- wood alert.

I can imagine the whole scene

I caught a young girl rubbing herself once- and she was just cumin as I caught her.
*** read the story I posted




Mmhm would love to drive by you and give you a show ;-)

So wood I ?!!!
My story is called "first class carriage"
Unfortunately - I gotta go to work in a mo- but would lloove to chat later

I'm mark - 43 and married for 24 yr to wife.
Come read all about my likes in my stories

Most of them are mostly true events

Mark xxx

Good story, got my **** hard.

sounds like that was fun

It was amazing.

to be honest,,watching a lady get herself off ,is one of the hottest things I can think of,,,,

You are soooooooooooooooo bad, you are badderer than a shameless hussy, you need to drive down my street.