Boy Scout Waterfront And The Wanking Session

While thinking about all the time that I spent as a camp counselor for swimming while at Boy Scout Camp, I remembered this experience.

Late in the summer of 1973, I was part of the waterfront staff where we conducted swimming lessons and aquatic merit badges. The beachfront was adjacent to a large log cabin known as the guest lodge, and was reserved for visiting BSA executives, their family, or sponsors and major donors and their families who would come up to visit for a day or two, or a weekend.

Late in the summer, the number of troops that would come in would dwindle, and the number of campers and campsites occupied would fall off so that we only had a few hours where the beachfront was in operation.

This particular day, the sun was golden brown, the air and water warm, and the lake level had fallen quite a bit, leaving a number of shallows along the shore. The waterfront was deserted, and I was the only one at the beachfront.  There would be no further campers nor planned operations.

For some reasons, I had a skin-diving mask, and was assigned to reduce the number of metal deck sections by taking the bolts out and dragging the sections up onto the beach. Normally we never would allow a single person in the water by themselves, but as a staff member, we could bend the rules for our own gain or operation.

As I sat in the warm water, with slight waves lapping over my lap, I looked up to see the visiting guest family walking out on the deck of the guest cabin. A young blonde woman of high school age was walking about in a tank top and shorts. her father was a large man dressed in casual tourist clothes, and he walked along the shoreline toward me. I seem to remember that he had some connection to scouting, as I was concerned that he think I was doing a good job while working in the water.

Anyway, as I removed bolt after bolt, I would look up and watch the young lady. I had finished all my work and began to paddle around in the shallows to get a better look at this lovely. I remember thinking that the water was so warm, and the sun angle getting so low in the late afternoon (not really low, but I convinced myself) that I could probably swim nude and no one would notice. Well, i wasn't so bold to do that, but I did want to **** off. We called it "jacking off" back then.

I figured if I laid face forward and loosened the string on my trunks, that I could reach my **** and no one would be able to tell what i was doing, unless they were above me on the dock, or standing almost right next to me. And I figured I'd see them long before they got near me.

I held my breath and floated a while, my right arm pumping in the shallow waters in the warmth, and the man never really walked any closer. The girl had disappeared from view, but the memory of her bust lingered. After ten or fifteen minutes of floating around with my trunks pulled slightly down to reveal the white stripe around my waste (and buns).  Eventually, I felt like I was going to come, so I lifted my head and looked around.  There was no one near me, and so I proceeded to finish up.

That evening, as the staff assembled around the dining room tables, we were introduced to the guest family who were joining us to eat dinner. We were all on our best behavior, dressed in our boy scout shorts and short slevee shirts. The family of four sat at our table of 8, and I found myself speaking with them.  I told them my name, that I was an Eagle scout and that I had always wanted to work at the Aquatics beachfront. 

"Oh yeah, I remember you," said the blonde, "you were the guy in the water taking the dock apart.  You know, you really need to use a bit more suntan lotion on your back.  You could get a nasty sunburn working out there in the water like that.  You're pretty pale where you haven't tanned yet, and you could burn."

My face flushed as I thought about how I had thought I was so clever, lowering my trunks and exposing my  bare buns.  But I wasn't sure what she had seen, or not.  "Yeah, you may be right" I said.  "I probably washed a bit of it off while pulling the bolts out."

"You certainly took a while pulling on that last one," she said.   Now I was sure she knew something. "I'm glad to see that it all came out alright," she said.

"Why, were you watching me," I asked? 

"Oh, my dad wouldn't let us go swimming while any of the staff were working," she explained, "so I was waiting for you to finish up before we could come join you."

I almost fainted.
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A Good story about the boy scout waterfront and the wanking session. well evey person has their secrets, Lots of men and teenage boys do **********. The Bathtub use soap or in your room wth canola oil. anything to make it feel good.

Yeah, that would do it... total embarassment