Right Now !

I have ************ sessions on EP about once or twice per week. I go through spanking stories, and I would have one hand with the mouse, clicking throgh all this hot spanking stuff, typing occasionally. And the other hand working at my hot *****. Right now I am in one of these sessions. I started about half an hour ago, and orgasmed about three minutes ago, the first time during this session. After orgasming I need a few minutes, before I can type, because my hands are still shaking. My hand is at my ***** again now, and I think I will come two more times during this session. Need to stop typing now, just found an arousing story.Mmmmmmmhhhhhhh.......!
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So well related. I'm sure there are many more than have answered your story, who read on EP with just one hand being used for the mouse etc. I know I'm one of them. Thank you for your openness.

Incredible! that is precisely what I have been doing as I have read your stories!

Glad I could provide some pleasure!

Ever do any spanking roleplay on here?

Not here, I do it in Sl sometimes


SL ! Second Life.

Can you expound a little about SL , please?

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You could even more enjoy it when you would be spanked in real.

You're a very naughty girl! lol . Must admit though some of the stories get me at it too

Me too - your stories are so stimulating!

Maybe we could do one together ,I do to slap slap to you're face

Let me know if you find any of my stories exciting. I have quite a few real experiences that EP won't post any more.

interestingthat reading about spanking incidents has such a powerful effect on many of us. I don't think I've ever seen it so franly or explicitly stated as You did in this post. But reading it certainly ramped up my excitement. I hope You post mre stories.

I know some ladies ( and gentlemen) in EP who are as deeply in spanking as myself ( and stated that clearly!)

I am becoming a convert.

damn id love to be a fly on the wall during one of ur sessions to see u work ur ***** Mmmm

Oddly enough, my mother (1914-1997) was a girlie girl grade school teacher, but as was the custom of the day she strapped hell out of her bad boy's hands, the bigger they came the harder she t-h-r-a-s-h-e-d.

By contrast, she super-indulged me.
Pretend that you are giving some of the super lickings i should have gotten, and you won't be far wrong: men are just big babies and a jolt of responsibility is not a bad thing.

During a one hour session a moderate ten strap strokes on each hand right up to the elbow happens to me to fill up a circle of events.

The little yellow bruise marks on my forearm i call "girl marks."

I am also spanked over the knee about the same number of times, so while my hands and back recover my *** gets it.

I love having my hands strapped because it has a "gloving" effect: i feel like i am still in physical contact with the strapper for hours afterwards, and i feel warm and cared for.

A "hard school" strapping where the pain goes right through the palm is also possible, and would preclude the unlimited succession of moderate strappings that so spice up good old fashioned corporal punishment as the resilience would be gone. Such a strapping would have to be a last event in a corporal
punishment session.

I would say five moderate strappings an hour is what i have been enjoying and i think it will work well for others, especially in winter. It does for me.

When the matter was serious, teachers in Canada used to strap the hands, ten on each up to grade eight, TWENTY on each after that, so hard that the naughty boy didn't need gloves the next day;

Some schools gave only this kind of strapping and were known as "hard" schools. In Alberta it is done over the side of the palm and harness leather is used.

Here in Ontario i don't know what they used but it was something like the belting they use between the wheels on farm equipment.

i got a moderate school strapping in the third grade, and basically the same from a number of women as an adult, and i always INSIST upon it. It helps to shut me down, to pacify me.

The eye to eye contact doesn't embarrass me but rather leaves me with a feeling of bonding and intimacy that is unforgettable.

Go to your nearest charity shop and you can do like i do and get, after a number of visits to check things out, a razor strap quality belt for less than a US$ buck.

The woven leather belts at Sally Ann, etc. can be unwoven into very good whips, and cost the same amount--a perfect errand for a slave!

I forgot to mention the fact that when you strap the palms of the hands from the side, you can do so in such a way that the strap curls around and hits the back of the hand as well.

There are excellent leather belts at charity shops at a cost of ninety-nine cents and i suggest you send a slave on an errand to get a really GOOD one for you and then follow your instructions in preparing it by removing the buckle (which is often worth five times what the strap cost!) and gluing the ends together if you wish;

If you don't glue the ends together, of course, you can hold each end of the strap in one hand and make loud leather cracking sounds, causing delicious shivers.

I give such items away to professional domintrices in sets of eight and they become part of their core collection right away.

I don't clean women's toilets for them but i do make tons of good leather straps and whips which i am only too glad to present to them.

Some of them have "Strap drawers" containing only straps i have made for them, and you deserve at least one "Strap drawer slave."

I defy anyone to produce such pleasure for a mere eight dollars.

Some years ago i gave a set of eight home made straps to a lady from New York State, "Dariel" and did she ever purple *** tan my hide, buttocks and backs of the legs while i was down on all fours after she played horsey with me.

I now fondly call such punishment a "Dariel."

I regret you weren't there to egg her on--it is a highlight of my life.

Please enjoy life, love yourself, and be happy, and i will be happy that you are happy!

I love to do that too :-) Sometimes, I just sit for hours in front of my computer, browsing all the hot spanking stories and I only do a quick touch on my hard **** to keep the feeling up. I always want to *** on the end, as I take a while to get horny again. After 4 or more hours, the ****** is really great. Sometimes I put my **** in a shoe, mostely a ballet flat shoe or a ballet slipper while browsing all the lovely spanking stories.

Looks like we both know how to enjoy life ! Btw : thx to EP to provide this forum!

Oh yes, it's such a good source of fetish stories! And most of them real ones :-)

I could ********** the whole day while browsing through ep

i have just been at it looking at your pictures

Glad to learn! Hope you enjoyed (reading and ahhh..... you know,,,,,, )

wow i am the same i lay on the bed with my stiff in my hand and read storys and look at pictures some times i get my padded and give my self a few good whacks

Your story makes it hard to type up a response.

I thought about what might be the reason for hrs .Then I read a hot story and suddenly I understood.Second round now......

What exactly do you mean, when you say "hard"? Lol !!!

Sexy to read that you do this!

I'm a spank master...we should talk.

That's a hot story right here! I wish I was their to see that, a fly on the wall at least :) Nice Mmmmmmmmhhhhhh :)

Super hot. What are your favorite stories to *** to?
Wow, you got me so hard now.

Mostly i ********** on spanking stories. Yes, I often use vibrators and all kind of objects. I like it most when I ve got something up my *** also, maybe a second vibrator.
Last week I initiated a nice variant: Me lying flat on my bed,laptop in front of me, EP open, *** up, applying a "************ machine" , which I got from a friend. Its a device postioned behind my ***, electrically driven, pushing two ******, like two pistons,in my ***** resp. my *******. One going in , the other going out, and reverse. Speed variable.Three different diameters! When I want to come, I put it on high speed. I come so long and violently then !

Bad boy !