Each Evening

Each evening I start my ************ session on EP. I undress , then I sit in front of my PC, completely naked, right hand at the mouse, browsing through the hot stories, pref.spanking stuff. I lean back then, so that my stiffie is pointing upwards vertically, and keep rubbing it with my left., keeping it at the verge of spurting out. for about two or three hours.Already 10 min after I started I am gasping with excitement and arousal.After three hrs I make up my mind to *********. I switch on webcam then, direct it on my hard on, and jerk off then. My hot stuff shoots out vertically, causing a mess on my desk. After about 30 min. I look at the video clip of my stiffie ******* off, put it on slomo to observe in detail, how my ***** jerks out at the tip of my stiffie. Normally I get so aroused then, that I have another ************ session of about 1 hr.
wilfried21 wilfried21
18-21, M
Jan 28, 2013