Thinking Of You

I thought it was just me. Now I will be woundering if you are playing whilst you are reading this... Oh and if you want to know if I am playing now the answer is most definitely YES xxx
jaynejj jaynejj
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I would guess most people on Ep are teasing some part of their body while surfing the site.<br />
Yes my hand is on my **** as I type this, thinking of ***** being stroked and clits being teased.

mmmmmmmmmmmm all these comments are really getti ng me going here and i 2 have to be carful on here also (hubby)

I'm stroking it right now


Yep, naked and playing here! Would love to msn/messenger with you! Dx

149331... Show me dont just tell me hehe

im stroking my **** right now

Watch out for sticky keys baby

I'm ************ now and am almost at the point of *******. Every time I stop to type it makes it more exquiste. I wish I had a pic of you to *** on.

As I peruse EP, and as I write this, I am nude. And I touch myself constantly, and generally bring myself to ****** three or four times a day while browsing E.P.!

i am following your comments here - and realize that i am part of a real livegroup here - jayne - i click on pictures but dotn see any. where can i find pics of you?<br />
and about the secret part - yes i keep my activites secret here too.

All we have to do is see your name in our "recent activity" section, Jayne, and our hand automatically heads for our crotches!

LOVE EM <br />

I dont at the moment but will investigate. I am not very PC literate and must keep my activities secret from my husband so I have to be careful what I do.<br />
Hope you like my pictures, if so please tell me xxx Jayne xxx

Hi, just read this and became a friend of your''s. Would love to cam for you. do you yahoo?

what you think i have in my hand? :-)

No haven't seen any of your picture Jayne..where would i find them? .. I can see therm now...Mmmm tasty xxxx

I must admit it turns me on to think someone is ************ whilst thinking about me. I hope you have seen my pictures and I hope you like them... please tell me especially if you "***" over me. xxx Jayne xxx

YES.<br />
Although I don't ********** to a climax too often while I'm on the net jaynejj.<br />
I frequently discover I'm absent mindedly squeezing & rubbing myself through my pants while reading horny posts & I'm doing it right now.<br />
I have an image of you also playing with yourself in my minds eye ..I wish there was a lady sitting next to me right now & we could watch each other for real xxxx

Fabulous... keep playing for me, I just wish I could see you all xxx

You know as we read your post we are rubbing ourselve to the climax , just to think of you , and also Jessica squeezeing togeather like that does not take long to get there uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm

Jayne, right now I don't have that yet. But I guarantee the next time I do, I'll be fantasizing that you are right there, putting your hand into my panties, getting your fingers all sticky and wet, and we can both lick them clean! I think I feel a squeeze coming on right now hon, gotta go! MMMM!<br />
<br />
Hugs and kisses, Jessica

this is definitely a 'shared' experience. and yes i too am dreaming and...and...anddddddd

Hot stuff!!

do you have MSN. I would love to watch you squeez those thights... well actually i would love to see you rub your **** and dip into your cunnie, but i can dream xxx

Jayne, you just got me ready for another round of thigh squeezing. <br />
<br />
Hope we could be friends and chat sometime!<br />
<br />
hugs and kisses, Jessica!

I have been reading all the posts tonight and I am feeling hot and randy. Its not easy typing with one hand Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm here we go again xxx

Right now my "****" is tucked tightly into my panties, and as I type I am squeezing my thighs together and in a couple of moments my panties will become all wet and sticky thinking of what you're doing to yourself now!<br />
<br />
Yummy.<br />
<br />
Hugs and kisses, Jessica