Spanking And Wanking

Ever since I learned how to **********, I've jacked off while fantasizing about spanking. Since I'm gay, my tastes tend toward fantasies of men spanking men, but sometimes I also like to imagine a man being spanked by a woman. Now, I have an enormous collection of spanking movies and I've bookmarked several dozen sites and blogs related to spanking. Virtually every day, I go through my list of bookmarks to see if there is anything new. I love story sites. My favorite is (The name is self explanatory.) There are stories on that site that I've read a hundred times and that still get me hard. If I'm not careful, I'll spend hours every day on the net or watching movies I've purchases or downloaded. I'm an addict. That is clear. But I don't want to be cured. I just derive so much pleasure from it. Not to mention that over the years I've achieved some mind-boggling *******. And all from reading stories or watching movies in which one man smacks another man on his bare bottom.

And the quality of some of what's available on the net now is just amazing. Thirty years ago most of it was pretty pathetic. One man patting another man on the ***, while the man being "spanked" pretends he's in pain. Now, there are several sites featuring films with high production values in which young men with movie star good looks and fabulous behinds get real, honest to goodness *** reddening spankings. It is a like a golden age for spankos. So I suppose I'm living at the right time.

I don't pretend to understand it. I didn't like getting spanked as a kid. It was embarrassing and it hurt. But I was spanked a good deal growing up, so I suppose you could argue that I developed the fetish as a defense mechanism. But I don't regret it. For the most part life sucks, and there are times when the pleasure I get from fantasizing about spanking is what makes it possible for me to get through the day. If my stepdad and his hairbrush turned me into a spanko, I don't blame him. I'm grateful. Without intending to, I think he did me a big favor. If this is supposed to be a survival mechanism, it's working. I've survived and I'm having a hell of a lot of fun.
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I used to fantasize about OTK and even caning on the bum. I once made the mistake of keeping my servants hand on my bum. I was cute looking 7 years back and with tight shorts I used to look even more kiddish. My servant was 5 years younger than me. I think she thought that I was a kid who needed to be spanked .She used to turn me around and smack me on the back of my shorts. I used to have a very good feeling of comfort and I used to try and be as naughty just so that she would spank me again. I confess I got several light /playful spankings from her . Once she lost her temper and spanked me soundly twice .My bum felt as if it had been stung by bees. When I undressed myself and looked in the mirror, I found I had a red spot on my left buttock. I touched it gingerly and there was slight pain. I could not sit properly as my bum was very tender. She sdid not comfort me either. Hmmm I used to cherish those memories-)

I ********** when I think about being spanked I even screw my self in the but hole because I need a good spanking I want to be over some one lap and being paddled and spanked till I am ruby red with sores on bare bottom

We certainly do share a similar interest in this subject!<br />
I too have been wanking over spanking fantasies since puberty and over movies and stories. My dad stopped spanking me just at the onset of puberty, but most of the other kids around me were still getting spanked by their parents. Canes and straps were still in use in schools too. I never got the cane or strap at school, but later wished that I had. Thoughts of corporal punishment being applied to other boy's bottoms and occasionally hearing their accounts of being punished went a long was towards the development of my interest in the practice.

Spanking was so common when I was a kid and no one seemed to suspect that there was an erotic dimension to it. Ah, innocence!

No, I didn't. I didn't wear flip flops much as a kid. I preferred to go barefoot.

Not that I am aware of.

Sort of flimsy. I prefer something thicker, like the hairbrush.

DID you stop smoking with his son?

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I also love spanking movies. I have probably 15 or so. I also like to look at spanking sites. I will check out the site you mentioned. Thanks for the story!!!

Where could we get a list of those 15 or so spanking movies?

Most of my spanking movies are from Spank My favourites would be Club Sterne &amp; Club Sterne2 where everyone gets flogged and paddled with other instruments as well. Beyond limits is also good as well as Sterne Interviews. All up they have about 90 dvds from around $19 to $40. They have a sale on at the moment. Everything is 25% off.

I grew-up in the bible belt. That's the southern part of the US and it's called that becasue every household, with children that is, had a bible and a belt proudly displayed somewhere. The bible, generally, adorned the living-room, even though it was rarely read. But that's another matter. The belt was the family disciple tool. Many families conveniently and proudly hung "The Belt" on the refrigerator door. Even visitors got a glimpse of "The Belt." Sometimes they got to see it in action. Parents weren't too delicate about discipline back then. <br />
<br />
One day, Mom sent me on an errand to the store. I had to walk a few blocks. I must have heard, at least, three children screaming, crying and doing the belt jitterbug. That's the dance you do when you're trying to get away from the next belt wallop. <br />
<br />
Like everybody else, I got my share of belt whippings. And, yes, I ********** and fantasize about getting my *** beat today.<br />
<br />
Today's children aren't beaten. But it certainly appears that they suffer greater and deeper traumas than those of us who had.

I agree. My childhood was almost exactly like yours. And despite all the *** whippings, I look at kids today and I think I was pretty damned lucky by comparison.

I, too have had a lifelong interest in being spanked, although unlike most of you I was only spanked once as a child. But, most of my ************ sessions are centered around having my tender *** cheeks being turned bright, burning red by either a woman or a man ( I am bisexual ) weilding a paddle or a riding crop. As an adult, I often visited ordinary street prostitutes, not for sex, but for them to spank me. I would ***** totally naked, of course, but the girls were always surprised when I told them they didn't have to take anything off! After all, being naked in front of a fully-clothed person enhances the feelings of vulnerability and humiliation! <br />
<br />
And so, these ladies would at first be somewhat unsure of how hard to beat me, but after I'd said "harder....harder!" a few times, they began to get into it. More surprise on their part when, even after they offered to get me off after my spanking, I simply put my clothes back on and left their rooms with an obvious erection! Now, street prostitutes have a difficult and dangerous job ( just ask any one of them! ), and I firmly believe that they each very much enjoyed spanking me ( I told one girl, who was nervous about spanking me too hard, to think about one of her customers who was especially rude or abusive. "Yeah," she said, "just last night I was with a guy who was a real jerk!" I just suggested that she pretend I was HIM, and she proceeded to beat my *** good, using me to work out the anger that she still felt! I got the ***-whipping I wanted, and she got some much-needed emotional therapy! ) We were both happier that night!

It is very frustrating to have to give directions to the person who is supposed to be in control of your ***. The problem is that most people who claim to want a hard spanking don't, so that when a man or woman encounters someone who really wants their *** blistered, it can come as something of a surprise, but invariably in my experience a pleasant one. I remember telling one man just to think of me as his boss. I couldn't sit down for a week after he was finished with me and we both left satisfied.

I had a guy determined to let me give him the same spanking I got @ 18. But when it came down to the wire... he copped out half way through it... and still had a very sore butt for 3 days...

Respected Trusted Gent Age63 years young . in the 1950s and 1960s when it was LEGAL for Parents to Discipline their youngsters . i was often smacked hard on my bare bottom by my Mum and extended family if i Deserved to be Punished . often i did Deserve to have my bare bottom smacked from when i was very young and i cried lots . i got used to having my bare bottom smacked hard . i would try not to start howlling and crying for as long as i could . my Mum would smack me in front of anyone that was in our house . Sometimes i would be Naked having my bare bottom smacked hard for not doing household chores . Mum had friends at our house often when i was to be Punished . one of her friends was a Catholic Priest . He gave my Mum a variety of School Canes to be used Across my bare bottom . and he caned me in School . i went to a Catholic School Run by Nuns and priests . Mums friend was the Headmaster Farther Malachy . He Canes hard at School serious marks across the bottom if i was on Detention after School . the canings were on top of my trousers at School . But Mum Let him cane my bare bottom if he was at our house when i was to be punished in my teens .

Some interesting reflections. My fantasies just tend to be about spankings I have received- and there were plenty of those. I hated being spanked but missed it when it stopped, and discovered with another boy of my age that I liked it after all. There has not been much spanking in my life since I was thirteen, but there has been wanking and the two seem to go together very well.

i grew up in the 1950s when it was LEGAL for Parents to Smack youngster s i was Smacked on my bare bottom from when i was very young if i Deserved it . My Mum and my extended family all smacked my bare Botton hard and it was Approved of . i think i was about Age 10 or 11 When i Realized i was getting some kind of Pleasures from being smacked hard on my bare bottom