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I came from a family where my two brothers and I were spanked regularly. For minor offenses, it was over their knee and spanked scarlet with their hand. For major trouble, it was the same but with a hairbrush. I always thrilled to see my brothers ******** and put into position over mom's or dad's lap in their spanking chair. We were allowed to watch our siblings' spankings, and it was a special delightful occasion every time to watch a wiggling bottom turn red, legs kickings, voice pleading for them to stop.

Around 12 or 13 I realized that I was more than happy to watch a spanking. I was excited. I didn't know the nature of the excitement until I was 13 and I realized that I was getting damp watching the squirming buttocks of a brother being spanked. Around the same time I began to almost look forward to my own spankings, but only if given with their hand.

I used to actually try to get spanked. I would mouth off to dad, carefully escalating my misbehavior enough to earn a hand spanking, but not the brush. When dad had had enough, I would be "sentenced:" Young lady you get yourself over to the spanking chair right now. I'm going to warm your bottom. I would tingle with anticipation. I took my own panties off and willingly climbed onto dad's lap. I would spread my legs apart a bit, not too obvious, and arch my buttocks. I remember the feeling of your rough trousers on my young *****. I would purposely squirm and rub against his leg during the spanking, increasing my arousal.

After spanking, I would retreat to my room, lie on my back, and ********** happily for many minutes. I think my brothers wondered why I was getting so sassy to my parents. This continued until my last spanking at 15. By the way, I discovered that both of them did the same thing. I preferred dad to spank me; they preferred mom.

Did any of you ever try to get spanked? It sounds so crazy.
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Not that crazy! There was a little excitement amongst the fear! At least until implements like the brush came into play!

Wow. Hot story! Did your brothers ever get hard?

Every time they watched me. Most times when they were about to be spanked.

Nice! Did you like seeing them hard? Ever ********** to the tought of them with hardons?

Hahaha..lol.. I was taken back by the number of hearts and comments to your post. This was quite amusing and I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. Your poor parents.. Lol.. I wonder how they would react upon learning that they were raising perverts. I am sorry if you feel in anyway offended by my reply because that is the least of my intentions. How did you discover that your brothers too got horny from getting spanked??

great story , I went out of my way to get spanked too . I liked laying over my mother's lap getting lectured while she spanked me bare with her hand and hairbrush .

outstanding story.. 'atta girl

You are not alone in getting aroused by your spankings. As long as your parents still did it for genuine reasons and you were sore afterwards there is no real issue.

Sometimes I did yeah!

No Ma'am, I've never tried to get spanked. I have however become turned on by the mere thought of being spanked.

Never enjoyed my own spankings, but I sure did love seeing my sisters (and girl cousins)get the strap on their bare behinds. Very exciting and arousing.

or friends, or friends little sisters :)

or friends big sisters

Yes... I remember one time I had such a rigid member after getting the belt that I decided to do the same misdeed shortly afterwards... The strapping from the repeat offence was so severe that I never again tried to earn a strapping... But I would stand erect whenever I knew that a strapping was coming... When I was sent to bed early to await the belt, my phallus stiffened up and did not retreat until the strapping began... It was very embarrassing to have to remove my pajama bottoms and then be lectured by my dad, with mom hovering nearby, while standing exposed with such a rigid member.... I wonder what my parents thought about me standing in such an upright state of arousal while waiting to have my bottom strapped with the belt.

Dad used the strap... Mom used a paddle... Both lectured and punished us while we were standing exposed at least from the waist down... For the last paddling from mom, I was 15 and stood wet and totally bare right after a bath with my towel yanked off....

Yes... The paddle did not sting as much as the belt... And it was always applied on the spot... The belt was really painful... And there was always the anticipation of having to wait for bedtime to get strapped...

Did you get erect? Did she ever mention your arousal?

Ohhhhh, that's happened to me before. Wet hurts the MOST!

No... I was always punished standing up...

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very hot stories

I suspect quite a lot of kids do that, especially after they've reached puberty. I know several girls who tell me they deliberately acted up as teenagers so that their dad would spank them.

Would like to chat with you. Please add me to your circle.




i used to get spanked too so i can relate to that. i have the occasional fantasy now about being spanked again, and like you i always preferred the hand.

yes I am same read my story about being bad at times just to be spanked

Well, given that the bottom is a very errogenous zone with many nerve endings and spankings involve baring of private parts is it any surprise that it would become a very sexual thing?

I did but not from my parents. Add me please

I did but not from my parents. Add me please

Fantastic story. When I was the same age, I also began to figure out I was more than just a little interested in spanking. However, I never did actually get spanked growing up.

I often think about what I would have done if I'd had the opportunity to do something like what you did, to try and get spanked on purpose. I wonder if I would have had the nerve to go through with it.

Like your brothers, I would have preferred it be my mom. But since that never happened, I wish I'd had an aunt, neighbor woman, teacher, or someone like that who spanked. I like to fantasize about elaborate scenarios where I would have been spending an afternoon at that woman's house and done what you did -- mouth off or something -- to get a spanking

I'm a guy, and while I can't say that I tried to get spanked by any means, or was turned on by my own spankings, I sure at an even younger age(4or 5-pre school and kindergarten) developed a spanking fascination with little girls, and an obsession with little girl's butts. I started humping my pillow and thinking about spankings that young.

It's so great to see another who figured it out young. I wish i had the opportunity to try to egg in a spanking.

"********** happily for many minutes" longer than that surely?????

I'd like to spank you till you cream and cream all over my leg.

On more than a few occasions


I did after a certain age. I liked having my private areas exposed and ******* off afterwards. Great story and lots of interesting responses.

You need a good long hard old-fashioned spanking young lady. You naughty girl!

I can relate to everything you wrote here read my story of wanting to be spanked and being bad just to get it and m after hmmmmmmmmmm I still do this but now with my b/f and I don't have to M he does his thing to me lol

I was never spanked by my parents or anyone growing up. That did not seem to diminish my fantasies about it or ************

I like your story You naughty girl But I love the point you like spanking to be spanked and give a spanking. A lot of people do not like to chat about being spanked But I do please add me

I would mess up sometimes to get spanked from my mother she would say (that is it) ( you earned it) would send shock waves through me but I was also wanting it even when I knew I be crying hard my mother would not stop until I was crying my eyes out.

I loved being spanked when wet from the shower , I would be sent to the shower to think what I had done ! , then get spanked afterwards , my stepsister would be made to watch as a lesson to her , she was older than Me .
A few years after she admitted that afterwards she would go to Her room and ********** after seeing Me get spanked . I confessed that I did too !

The best thing is After spanking, I would retreat to my room, lie on my back, and ********** happily for many minutes
i imagine you and your panties is wet ,,very horny

sure but mom no dad

excellent story. very similiar to my experiences


I have spanked many a girl and its true a number of them have said childhood spankings got them hooked for life, however as adults it became more difficult to actually crave their desires and hence i was the lucky beneficiary as were they...

It was my mother who spanked me so the experience was a bit different but in my teens I certainly did 'look' for a spanking ... and spent a lot of time afterwards lying on my tummy and ************. I'm sure that was the start of a lifelong fascination.

U r just like me read my story of me being bad just to get spanked and then hmmm

Would you feel the same seeing one of your bratty cousins get it?

Not when I was younger. Now I do things so my husband will spank me. I love it.

I was caned at home and also at my strict boys only boarding school both were given on bare bum and I guess being a bit of a show off quite liked being caned bare in class it gave me some cred esp if I could take a severe thrashing well. So i bit my lip and took a dozen hard whacks on my bare bum often. Needless to say the less reaction a boy gave when being caned the harder the caning was. Yes I and many other boys had a 'stiffy' when they dropped their shorts and bare their bums for the cane. Oh yes always wanked afterwards usually with others in the wash room comparing welts.

I never ever tried to get spanked as a kid it was horrifying thought but i try all the time now the thought of being spanked real hard by a woman is quite arousing I'm sure if the right woman got going on my bare butt it would not be arousing for long lol but even then i remember from being a kid the pain never lasted to long just the marks did :)) come spank me any time!

: )

Great account.
Can relate to this, although as a boy, I wondered why I was so fascinated at watching and receiving spankings and the strap at boarding school.

I, too, felt like that for a year or so after I got hooked on spanking at 11 but fortunately I then read that these feelings were not unique to me and felt much better about it.

Nice story :-)

I too used to try and get my bottom spanked when I was at prep school from my house masters wife .She was a lady in her early 30s with long brown hair who looked after our well fair .she was a lovely lady very strict but also very fail with a very wicked sense of humour and used to tease her favourites of which I was one.
As I said she could be very strict and hated rudeness or boys or girls who lied of told on other children.i once saw her cane 3 boys and her daughter when one of the boys didn't admit he was part of what ever naughtiness they had been up to and tried to blame the other including her daughter . The daughter and two of the boys got 3 each across their underpants and he got 5 the 2 extra for trying to blame the others
However I used to own up when the dorm was caught being naughty like talking after lights out just so I would here her say give me your slipper and bend over and touch your toes. She didn't slipper you hard but she never gave less than 6 and the max I received was 24 in two sessions when I was caught talking to her daughter when I stayed some extra days as I could not get home for the holiday - the daughter also got the same punishment and it was very erotic for a 10 year old

Not that crazy! I got hooked on it at school and sometimes owned up to things when I didn't need to.

Yeah, I sometimes did that...but not because I consciously wanted it...but I told myself I needed and deserved it, and heck, who can say I didn't?

Its an argument against spanking children but not one I would make.

hi hope,

i share most of your prteferences..

.. but i didnt dare to provoke a spanking in my teens.. though i m not quite sure about myself with one exceptional spanking when i was 14.. i had a dispute with my dad and realised that i moved on "dangerous terrain".. but i couldnt stop to continue.. i cant explain why.. until "it" happend..

I was never spanked until after my dad died when I was 7 then I started to think I was the queen of the world. I was 8 1/2 when I got my first real spanking from my mother and my aunt. I was very mouthy when my aunt told my mother remember what mom did to us when we acted like me. My mother took me by my arm lead me to the kitchen she told me to pull down my pants and panties bend over the kitchen table my aunt held my arms and OMG my mother spanked me with a old wooden spoon I was crying in no time. After she was done I was sent to my room crying all the way. I laid on my bed crying for a good hour when my aunt came in told me to shut up or I could get another one. I mouth off and the next thing I knew was my mother was holding me down and my aunt was useing a large belt on my naked butt. I did cry for another hour when my mother came in told me to get dressed for dinner. That was the start of how I fall in love with being spanked

I'm missing something here. I hate pain.

We also got the hairbrush in my family but I do remember hating those spankings. I thought I got my last one when I was 10, but right around the time I turned 13 my mom gave me a severe spanking with the hairbrush, just the way you and your brothers got it, hairbrush on my bare hiney across her lap. It was awful. I was yelling, crying, and bawling like a baby.

However, soon after that last spanking I began to fantasize about them. But not wanting to risk another unpleasant episode like the last one my mom gave me, I started to experiment with self-spanking. I would use my mom's hairbrush but the spanks were not nearly as intense. They felt good in fact; very sensual and erotic. Those self-spankings made me feel good. producing giant erections and enormous ejaculations.

I did that with my Dads slipper from around 12/13 when they and my brother were out but I dare not take it out of the room in case they came back earlier than I thought they might. My mom had loads of pairs of shoes and I found some smaller ones that did not fit here and stole them and used them to lightly slipper myself bare butt in my room. Used to use mirrors to watch them land making it more exciting.

I found I was "turned on" by the punishments I got at boarding school and experimented with self-spanking during the holidays in an attempt to create the stripes and other marks on my bum which I'd found so alluring. I collected quite an "arsenal" of home-made implements and handy household items to use, including a big heavy clothes brush that my Dad sometimes spanked me with - I've still got this!

Wow you guys are so lucky to have been turned on from spankings when you were in your youth. I hated spankings back then and did not really start to appreciate them until after my parents stopped giving me spankings. Which reminds me of the expression "kids never appreciate what their parents do for them" LOL

Your dad used a big heavy clothes brush on you! I'll bet that hurt - a LOT! did he spank you bare with it?

Not bare - over PJs - and then not often.

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Do you like spanking others now?

Nice do u still try to get spanked now young lady :)

no. I am the mom now.

K have a good weeked :)

Does mom like giving the spankings?


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no, not crazy, we do understand, i did the same, and even today i'm still looking....Great storie, thanks for sharing...xxx

Naughty naughty girl u needa spanking :)-----

I too misbehaved on purpose a few times to get my behind warmed by Mr. Montgomery.

Did he use his hand or an instrument -I take he was a teacher so didnot bare your bum

No, almost all of our spankings were given by Mother and were pretty serious. Never liked it and never tried to get one. That said I once over heard a girlfriends older sister getting a very sound spanking and there was something about it that held my attention. It was on a sleep over and we were sleeping in a basement rec room and my friends sister disobeyed her mother, stayed out way too late (she wasn't supposed to go out at all) and then got a bit mouthy when she finally got home.

Her mother dragged out a kitchen chair (right overheard from where we were) and wound up giving her older daughter a heck of a spanking. My friend slept through it, but I was wide awake and almost seemed to stop breathing, as if I didn't want to be caught listening or something?

It went on for some time (probably seemed longer then it was) and at that point in my young life, I don't think I had ever been more acutely drawn towards something like that. My friends older sister was the most attractive girl in town and was very much in the in-crowd at our local consolidated high school. She got a lot of attention and just seemed to revel in it. To say she was a little stuck up would be a great understatement.

As I laid there, as still as possible, I couldn't help but sort of visually "see" what was going on just above us. Afterwards, our little town's fem fatale ran upstairs to her room and I could hear her crying through the heating vents.

On one hand, I could kind of empathize with her, but I also felt like she deserved it for her conduct past and present and sort of thought that it was about time her mother dealt with her spoiled brat older daughter.

Whatever it all was, it made quite an impression on me and was an event I still can recall so clearly all these years later.

Mom always spanked us in private. I had seen a couple of cousins get swatted pretty good, on the seat of their jeans a few times and always felt a bit sorry for them. It wasn't anything that left a lasting impression. Nothing like hearing and trying to visualize the sound spanking my friends sister got that one night.

The funny thing was that the next morning, she was told by her mother to make breakfast for us, because their mother had to go out for some reason. The town beauty queen could not have been nicer and even asked if we'd like french toast. She then asked me, "Victoria, would you like some orange juice?" I was a bit taken aback, as I was convinced (the way she had always ignored me) that she didn't even know my name. SHe made us a nice breakfast and could not have been more pleasant to her sister and me.

It wasn't lost on me, that the sound spanking she had received in the wee hours of the morning had quite a positive effect on her behavior. Guess that was a good lesson, in that I didn't really pay any price for it. Someone else's bottom was, for sure, quite tender not mine. Maybe I should have thanked her for the instructive experience? LOL

Do you have any idea what she was spanked with? Was it a hand spanking or did you think it was with something that hurt more?

No, I wouldn't say I was turned on. It just was an unexpected, for me, somewhat remarkable experience. I was probably a little nervous, I recall staying very still and didn't want to wake up my friend. It was something that wasn't intended for me to hear or be privy to, but there I was hearing some of what was going on. I was young and didn't know what to think and just sort of froze as I couldn't help hearing what I wasn't meant to hear.

As far as, what my friends Mom used to spank her older daughter with, I have no idea. I think probably her hand. I could hear each spank through the floor above us, but not clearly enough to really know. I guess I assumed she just used her hand.

Interesting account thanks. I used to hear my sister get it in her room but I knew exactly what she was getting and I was always scared because I often didn't know why she was getting it and if they were coming for me next.

Hi did you ever get spanked by you mothers friend or see your friend get spanked

No, my friends mother never disciplined me and I never saw her spank either of her daughters. Just heard the one really sound spanking she gave late one night to her older daughter and observed the changes in that girls behavior and attitude the next morning.

Hi thanks for the clarification
Do you still get spanked

No, not that I haven\'t probably earned more then a few.

Hi so you are still naughty did you have anyone who would be willing to spank you
if you deserve it
Where do you live because I would volunteer if you feel brave enough to accept your bad behaviour

Long story that I\'ve bored folks with here in the past.

Hi send me a private message about this as I don\'t get bored easily

I get bored retelling it and am a little short on time. If there is interest, I\'ve shared a fair amount of the story here in other locations. One that comes to mind is under a discussion about 50\'s Style Housewives or something close to that title.

Great story

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Not crazy at all. Thanks for posting.
I have the same erotic feelings when spanked (caned) by a woman. I adore those cuts (stripes) in the mirror during and afterwards!

ha,ha,ha well some women really do that and yes sometimes it the arousal that makes it very interesting too...

Nice post! I've always been happy to watch others get their bare bottoms spanked as I've been shamed when people watched me bawling and kicking with panties down!

Very nice thanks thats a very hot n juicy story lol :) naughty gal :)

Not crazy and not unusual to provoke ( and enjoy ! ) a spanking. I also did and still do, proof in my stories ( and enjoy ! mmmmhhhhh lol! ). I do like to get the cane, which produces these nice stripes on my buttocks.
Are you in the spanking business nowadays ( giving and/ or receiving ) ?

Agree Luckynancy! I love to be caned.

i also came from a spanking family,my mother spanked me and my older brother and if he was spanked first i was told to stand there and wait my turn.my mother spanked always bare bottom and it would be over here knee untill around 12 and then from 12 to 16 it was drop your pants and underwear bend over and grab your ankles and start counting because your getting 25 from my paddle.but watching my brothers butt turn cherry red from the paddle or hairbrush was mind blowing and she would send him to the corner and say you see how blistered your brothers bottom is that what your is going to look like now,bend over right now for your spanking young man.today spanking is a turn on for me

I posted a story about being bad just to get spanked as i became a teen and this still happens so i can relate to everything u wrote


not with my mums spankings they was close to beatings but i have to say as a adult i do want to be spanked to feel it again

I never tried to get spanked. I was too good at finding trouble effortlessly ;-) I always hated spankings from my parents, but did not mind them as much from my cute best friend's mom, especially if Jenny got one with me. We were often in trouble together thus spanked together. Those were about as painful as my mom's or dad's but somehow not as bad overall.