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************ Tips

any gals give me some tips in good ************!?? dying to have my first ***...

kazune kazune 16-17 6 Responses May 21, 2008

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To make the **** massage more comfortable, buy yourself some liquid lube, like Climax that is sold at your local Walmarts. Then do as BonnieBelle said, lay back and let your mind come up with a wonderful, sexy fantasy as you touch yourself. You should get your **** excited first, and then let your fingers slide down to your ***** opening. Before putting fingers inside yourself, tease your ***** opening by gently massaging there for a while and back to ****...... When you're ready, let your fingers explore inside yourself and see if you can find the magic spots inside your vagina.

Lay down in the bed and let naughty thoughts about boys prevail in your head, close your eyes and let your hands explore your body, keep them where you feel the most good, then rub the area, slowly then faster, shower head with full blast water jet tingling your genital is good.<br />
<br />
Rubbing your clity with Razor handle without the razor.. Great Idea.. Hadn't heard that one before. You go girl.

If you have a detachable shower head, that helps a lot!!! I use a razor handle, and take off the razor head. Rub ur **** at the same time, imagine sexual thoughts. and it will feel amazing. :)

{trust this old, bald, fat father} - pleasuring my woman is extremely important to me. You're too young to afford toys so try the Oral B toothbrush (round head). AND DON'T THINK a boy will get you to the promised land!<br />
<br />
<strong>Talk to your mother</strong> - she's been there and done that, way wiser and loves you way more than any of your friends! It may be tough - but if she's a realist at all, you and she can make sure you are happy and safe!

You could try just doing what feels good.... hard to go wrong with that! If you are still stuck, try reading some of the stories posted in some of the groups here.