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I Love To Play With My *****

I ********** at least twice every night. A simple brush against my nipples sets me off and I will start to feel horny. I love rubbing and groping my **** as I imagine someone else is fondling them. I always have this dirty fantasy that a much older man would come take advantage of me and feel me up in all places, squeezing and pinching and sucking my nipples.

I lick my finger then rub my slit to get it nice and slimy. I enjoy spreading my ***** lips and just rubbing the hell out of my **** as fast as possible. I love knowing how I make myself wet. Each time I feel like I am about to ***, I would stop and cool down a little before continuing again. I love keeping my arousal state up for a long time.

After I can feel my ***** juice oozing out, I would take out my jack rabbit and oil it up a little bit before I ease it into my tight hole. I switch on the **** vibrator on low and I will start pumping the ***** hard in and out of my **** with my legs spread wide and in the air. The feeling of the vibrator is amazing on my **** and it is really hard not to climax. I love squeezing my ***** around my *****. It makes me want to *** even faster.

When I am near ******, I would switch the vibration mode to its highest level and ram it against my **** as I **** myself even harder! My whole body shudders with pure esctasy and pleasure for several seconds as I climax and *** non-stop. I can feel the inside of my ***** grabbing and clutching onto my ***** as though desperate to swallow it. Sometimes, even after I have *** I leave the vibrator on my **** in its sensitive after-******* state and watch myself squirt involuntarily! And if I am really naughty, I would lick and swallow my juices on my ***** and pretend I am sucking a ****. Mmmmmm.
facialqueen facialqueen 22-25, F 30 Responses Jun 26, 2012

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Thank you. Your story makes me feel warm on the snowy day.

that turned me on xx

That is so hot. Would love to see that. Thank you for sharing

Beautiful vision...mmm

Question, when you say "a much older man" how old are we talking about? If you are thinking in the 40's we should chat :)

Very nice, you perform this ritual twice nightly..... I too need to release at least twice at a time....

OMG that story was so hot! It made me hard just reading it. :-o

great story! I'd love to be the older man!

Very hot and sexy, you are a dream

awsome ,,, wish i could watch you do this ! !,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then help !!!

extremely hot and exciting !!!
please add me !
I want to investigate your squirting *****!

oh my, I'd love to watch you pleasure yourself while I show you how much you turn me on.

You are a hot lady...I love your desc<x>riptions and just wish I was watching your passion explode!

Do all Asians have incredibly sensitive nipples? All of them I have encountered do... Thank you for all the juicy details - I must go and jerk while they are fresh in my mind...

WOW!!.......what a great ******* story. I am hard as a rock. All I need now is a little lube and I would hit the roof with a hot load just for you......thanks.

i would like to see that.xx

That was amazing, I think every guy wants a girl like that.

I to play with my *****. I love my *******. I will play with my ***** infront of a few freinds. They play with their *****,too.<br />
<br />
Never stop playing with your *****.<br />
<br />

That was so damn HOT !!!<br />
<br />

Wow! You're hot! I'd like to watch you do all of that for hours.

Wow...what a way to play. That is so hot and naughty...thanks for sharing!

:-D it sounds sexy

I would love to play with your ***** for pleasing you only

Nothin hotter than a ************ woman.....

i wash my face with your juicy juice.

mmmmmmmmmmmm would love to be licking you while you are using your vibe your details...fantasing you in action twice a day!

I got hard as hell reading this!

It's very arousing to read this story without getting hard, thank you :)

Got hard reading it. <br />
No man can compite with the performence of a machine, but Would You not want someone to do it for You?!