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I Caught My Daughter ************.

A couple of days ago, I went downstairs around 1 am because I was hungry. (My family and I always prefer to be in or around our home completely clothless all the time and we dislike to wear clothes, unless we HAVE to. My daughter's best friend known us since they were about 6. Her family knows about us and seen us too. About April, the best began to walk clothless in our house too and she said her family knows about it. My daughter undresses at their house and they are comfortable with her that way. That is her second family. They went camping at our site. At our site, we don't wear clothes there, in the open woods. My daughter was nude for the whole trip. Her friend followed suit and convinced her mother to have a unclothed family like ours. So now, since June, we meet all the time, unlothed and had families bbqs and me and the mother Kim became best friends.) I went to the kitchen and peeked in the family room to see the tv on. I'd walked up to the couch to see my daughter's legs wide open with her fingers in her. I sat next to her and she'd opened her eyes to see me there. She was soaking wet. I'd asked her why she was doing this down stairs. She said she was getting horny alot now and thougt that we was asleep. (We have a great open and truthful relationship) Then she told me that her friend's mother told and showed her about ************. I was speechless. She said that last week the mother, Kim, tried to talk to her daughter about sex and later on she showed her a good way to ********** and it was ok to do it openly at home, unless they had guest. Her friend masturbates when she feels like it. She did while they were watching tv at her house. Her mother later sat near by as her friend finished up. I was blown away by this. I know that all of us are very comfortable without clothes but to ********** too? Later on, I'd called Kim to talk to her about this. She said she rather have her daughter ********** all the time, then having sex and having a baby. Plus, they are unclothed all the time and she shouldn't be afraid to do a natural thing at home. She rather have her daughter do it on the living room couch then sneek around. I thought about it alittle and she made some good points. Do you think I should tell my daughter it is ok to ********** in the open? Do you think I should too?

My open masturbations:
I know when we watch tv sometimes and me and the hubby are under the cover and the kids can't see or are away, I *********** him slowly. (I usually have my hand on it when we are sitting by each other)

One time, last month, when me and the hubby was at home, on the couch, watching tv, I was stroking him slowly like always. The doorbell rang and it was Kim. (We are always nude at each other's houses too) He got up, with is woody. She went to the bathroom. He came back and sat next to me and I stared to stroke him again. We was caught up with the tv show, Kim walked in front of us and I was still stroking. She said I didn't have to stop because she didn't want to our "thing" at home because she was there. I'd kept stroking slowly. A few minutes later, he came. I think because of my habits, I'm thinking it might be ok for my daughter? I wonder if she saw me before or her Dad or me doing her Dad? She probably did, that's why she was downstairs and took that challange. Her friend just encouraged her more.

I'm leaning towards the open ************ is ok????
dragondenoir dragondenoir 41-45, F 72 Responses Sep 17, 2012

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I think its ok for her to ********** openly. And its also good for you and your husband. She can learn from your love.

I ********** a lot on my sofa even when my mums watcging I don't ducking care it's sblakebe. Ek

************ doesn't need to be in the open or effectively open---merely covered by a blanket in the living room---in order to keep it from becoming a shameful secret. What you describe sounds like a severe ulterior motive far exceeding concern with healthful psychosocial development. A parent's job is not merely to teach children to be sexually liberated maximally, but also to be socially integrated healthfully. The exhibitionism that you describe is dysfunctional and bound to result in undue distress despite the momentary delights.

Yes that is perfectly fine. I think that it is great that you allow your daughter to explore her sexuality as she pleases

For your family dynamic, open ************ is almost expected, if not just allowed...

I'd walked in their bathroom this morning. There was a suction cup ***** on their shower wall. I don't mind, but I am concerned on how big that thing was. I questioned my oldest daughter and she was in the living room laying down. As I walked up I saw a butt plug in her. We had a talk and she wants to be ready for a huge guy. She wants her dad size in a guy. So she plans to have a butt plug in her for most of the day. I guess it is better for her to do this than be having sex with a group of guys.

Did you see if you could fit the ***** on the shower wall?

Did you ask your younger one about the *****?

No, I didn't try it yet. I prefer my man over a ***** any day. My youngest said it was her sister's. Hers is about half that size.

A few months ago, I decided to take them to the sex store with me. It was odd at first but the clerks said there are a lot parents bring their kids in there. There was a naked worker in there. He'd walked over to us and asked if we needed help. My daughter asked him if he was always naked at work. He said yes. He was so hard, trying to talk to us. I bought them each a *****. They use it openly now. They kept losing them. It might be in the couch or on the floor somewhere. So last month, I took them again. Before we went, my oldest daughter asked why should we get dressed if there is a naked guy there. So we left the house as is. We spent a lot of time talking to the staff and them recommending stuff for us. They were really surprised to see a family very open like us. I just told them, I rather have them do it in the open, then getting pregnant and trying to hide and thinking something is wrong.

That is great sadly my family is nothing like you're fsmily if I wanted a vibrator or ***** my mom would make me save up and get it myself

I grew up in a family where nudity was definitely not allowed, genital parts were given stupid names, and sexual activities of any sort were just not talked about. I think the way you describe things in your family are much healthier. I wish my parents had been open about things.There is nothing at all wrong with ************ and if everyone is comfortable with seeing it, then I would say fine, go ahead.

I don't know my family is pretty open when it comes to sex but not nudity

Honestly u should give them ****** so its ok and they get the pleasure

We have it open now. None of are afraid and I believe we don't go to our room to do this anymore. Her friend came over a few times and she would do it in front of her too. I just tell them don't do it in front of other family and friends. They always see us not clothed anyway.

Sounds like a very loving family!

i hope uv resolved all this by now, and you didnt mention how old the girls are, but ur 'experience' and concerns sounded so familiar i wanted to reinforce ur 'leaning'... yes, its totally ok to openly pleasure urselves at home... !<br />
<br />
an open naked family lifestyle made sense to me and i helped raise two sets of naked kids, but i never knew any other families when my kids were still kids and there were no forums like this for discussion of lifestyle concerns... fortunately my youngest daughter opened my mind and helped me see clearly more than once... although we were all often naked together at home, her mom and i were stunned when she discovered herself early and started openly pleasuring herself with everything in the house... but somehow she always looked so truly beautiful, natural and innocent that i knew it just had to be all good... <br />
<br />
she was also totally hot, and very compelling to watch... her eyes rolled back, she sorta quivered all over as she came, then totally still... mom and i looked at each other sheepishly and cracked up laughing, realizing we'd both been sharing the heat of the moment instead of saying anything more traditionally 'appropriate'<br />
<br />
i was still fully erect, frozen in mid stroke and mom still had two fingers deep in her **** as our beautiful naturally incredibly sexual young girl came out of her 'petit morte' and snuggled between us... mom and i began fingering and stroking each other slowly as we told her it was her body to enjoy anytime anywhere at home, provided only that she enjoyed it in her own room when we had visitors... <br />
<br />
the young girl watched us closely for a while, then proudly began showing off some of the new skills she had recently discovered, and it became the first of many mutually inspired encounters...

I also live the nude life in a nudist household. I discovered ************ at a very young age. It was easy for me to discover that joy as I refused to keep clothes on right from when I was big enough to take them off. I have always hated to wear anything. Rubbing my self came naturally as it felt so good.
My mom gave in to the no clothes but she would not allow the ************, so I just moved that activity into my room or the bathroom. That was how it was until I left there to come here and help be a caregiver for my disabled Aunt.
I loved it here from the first moment I arrived! The weather is warm or hot most of the time, so nudity is very easy. We had a talk about "rules" right away and when open ************ was favorable I was in ecstasy! Now I can pleasure myself when I get the urge and those wonderful tingles begin to come over me.
Our group has grown and we are very close knit, loving one another with lots of hugs, touching and flattery. A very happy household indeed.
My advice then is to be sure your meets the State requirements for the minimum age to be an "adult" (some places it is as low as 14 and others as high as 21) I don't want to give you bad advice and you get in trouble with the law. If she meets that standard then I see no reason to restrict her from her desires to ********** openly in the common areas of your home.
Hope this helps,

Love, a sister nudist. Enjoy your freedom!


I probably would have sat next to her and *********** also.

I would have too


I don't see any issues. my family masturbates all the time.

Be open about it

Yes yes yes. Open ************ is somethinng that should be allowed and not ridiculed. If a person feels horney and wants to release pent up frustrations. Then why not. who is that person hurting? I am happy to hear that you have a very open sexual lifestyle. Congratulations.

I agree. There's nothing wrong with open ************.

its totally ok and normal for her to do ull hear alot of hate on this but its ok for her to do it. as kim said better her ********** openly then trying to hid it and feel ashamed for it or her go out and have sex

i *********** too omg.This world!

Nudity and ************ is natural and healthy. I've always taught my kids that.

It's better to satisfy yourself than to have an unwanted pregnancy.

If this ist true than you live in heaven of earth. Cause this isnt normal... I would all my money to you to live your life for one day !!!!

i think it is the best way in an open nudity household.

Go for it.

yes you are right. And: its hot !

I'm scared to loo at dirty pictures because my mom keeps tabs on everything I do as if me looking at naked women means I will become a menace to societal living and national security but she walks around naked shamelessly in front of us the irony and creepiness is overwhelming. Just thought I would put it out there because this generates a lot of shame and anxiety for me and now that I have aired my concerns I feel better.

i think its strange for me but i also think its keep doing it .in front of a friend is so hot and sexy .good for you.
does he do you that way to.

I think its Awesome and you should be able and free to ********** withing your own home any time you feel like it...

wtf that's retarted

I think it's wonderful!)

I think it's great that you're all so comfortable and open around each other. I wish my people were. I hated having to hide ************, and hate it now. I want to be able to stroke it when I want, where I want.

She is lucky to have such an open home!

I would agree that it is natural and acceptable.

It's a crazy world we live in. We're fine when two pubescent boys are running through the woods practicing killing one another with toy guns while on a camping trip but if we later find them under sitting under a tree exploring why they have this new 'need' to relieve themselves sexually we have a fit.
This is how I saw my first ******. I was 9 or ten with a group of boys my age but one was almost 13. We had played 'fort' and all those things had set down in the basement of a house under construction to rest. The 13 year old had some pictures of nude women in his pocket and got them out. We younger ones were fascinated but not horny because of our age. After about 10 minutes the 13 year old leaned back and unzipped and pulled his fully erect penis out. One of us asked what he was doing and he just mumbled something about pressure.
Now our collective attentions were turned from the photos to his erect penis. He had a death grip on his **** and he sat there nearly motionless with his eyes shut, gripping his penis. I know now he was trying to will himself not to *** but within a minute as we watched there was a little spurt and then two or three that went past his head onto the new concrete wall behind him. His face was really red, and he put his rapidly deflating penis back in his pants and off we went to play some more.
I don't think any of us had seen anything like that before and we really didn't talk about it much afterward. As far as I know all of us have gone on to have successful, normal lives.

Why am I thirsty now?

************ is quite natural and an important part of growing up. its also a pleasurable way for adults to relieve stress, so doing it at home in front of family, if it does not offend, is perfectly alright.

I think that is cool...************ is a normal part of life...I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't watched you playing with your husband! Kids get real curious at that age.

Its as natural as being naked as far as Im concerned. We all do it!

Fabulous sweetie

I don't see a problem with it although clearly it's not appropriate at the dinner table and any mess should be cleared up!

Tell her its her choice.
Dont forget to ask her if she'd be comfortable seeing you or her dad or having either of you see her.
Otherwise go for it.

Oh, and how old is she?

Your family sounds perfect!

We are all adults in my house, and we are always nude too, and like your friend Kim we are free to self pleasure in the open! I love that freedom to follow my urges without shame. Kim is right it is a natural urge, just like being hungry. When you are hungry you eat a sandwich in the open, so why hide to **********?

Life should free and open to anything,love it <3

I wish I was as free, in my home to act this way, but unfortunately, I'm far to inhibited -but yeah, if you and your family have no issues - carry on !!

its up to you i see nothing wrong with it

The lifestyle of natural/sexual nudity and ************ within family and friends should be free for all.
Life is short,its a free world,enjoy it and forget the others that dont accept this lifestyle.

i think its fine for both you ladies to do it .if i had a **** i would be doing it all the time yes you should and she should .how ever you like .that was hot you doing your hubby in front of your friend .

you always have me on the edge of my seat and ******. please keep posting more often

My daughter seen me and my husband do it and even close up. We don't hide our sex anymore. I'd told her not to put any penis in her again until she was married. She was sorry but she wanted her dad to be her first because she loves him.

Just the other day, I was cooking dinner but I was laying with my husband giving him head in the living room. The oven went off and I rushed to it. My daughter was in the living room. When I came back she'd took my spot across laying on him and was doing what I was doing. I sat next to his head and watched. After a few minutes, he came in her mouth and she layed her face right next to his penis as she was watching tv.

I was surprised that she did a great job on him.

That is so cool!!! So now you and your daughter can share your hubby!

************ is a normal part of life, every one does it,its just that when your naked its easer

Last night, I went back out to the family room to wake up my husband. He fell asleep on the couch. I was getting him so he can go to bed. I'd walked up and saw my daughter laying in front of him. (We are a close family. We are nude all the time and we still hug each other or lay together when we are watching tv.) I walked up and saw my daughter's legs open with my husband's penis about a third in her. She was rubbing her ****. I'd looked over and saw that he was still asleep. (He's hard half the time and sometimes when he is asleep, I would put in sometimes and lay with him) I'd walked up to her and shook her. I'd told her to go to her room. I'd left my husband on the couch. I went to her room. She said that she was sorry but she wanted how it felt. She didn't want to put it all the way. She said his penis didn't break her wall. (She is still a virgin) I said you might as well put it all the way. I was upset that I had to leave and cool off. I went to get my husband and we went to bed. When he woke up this morning, I'd told him about his daughter. He was upset too. He said "Maybe we have to start wearing clothes" I said "I don't want to, she has to learn or something"

What should I do? I want to deal with this when she comes home.

You should let your daughter and husband have sex naturally so she can experience it first hand in a controlled environment with you right there to assist. You should also lick each other so she can experience the joy of being with a woman also. I'm sure she's curious about her female friends as well. Don't stop with ************ as a part of her sexual education. It's OK to show her everything. I experienced this when I was a teen with a teenage girl and her family. It was all very natural and beautiful. I even had sex with her mother and father.

Yes open ************ is ok

This morning she was watching tv and was on the phone with her boyfriend. She hung up and yelled that he was coming over. In a minute or so, I heard a whimping. I'd went in the family room and saw her ************ then yelled out. She squirted all over and it went a couple feet. She started to cry. I went to her and she was scared. She nevered squirted like that before. I said that she must of been really excited and it was ok. She was drenched with her ***. She wanted to make sure it was her ***. She licked some and was relieved. I guess we lost track of time. The door bell rang and her boyfriend was there. He'd asked if she'd peed on herself. She admited that she came and that was her first time being so wet. He said he'd liked that and they went in the kitchen and watched me make my cookies.

I came downstairs early and she was in the kitchen. I'd asked her if she wanted something to eat. I didn't see she was ************ at the table. I'd looked over after I heard a moan. I'd walked over to see *** alot. She gathered it up and started to eat it. She said she loves her taste. I'd asked her if she was still hungry. Ha HA. She said she was and we ate. She was still dripping. Once in a while she would wipe it and lick it off. She asked me if it was ok. I said before about ************ but not eating it. SHe said she usually does it behind closed doors. But she wanted to taste some and no one was around. I said it was ok to eat hers.

Friday night, they came over. All of us were completely nude and wasn't intending to get dressed for anyone. My daughter said it was ok. This was her first mass sleep over and I was determend not to wear clothes in my own house. The door bell rang and I walked up to the door with my daughter. She answered the door and there stood a nude girl with her sleeping bag and a smaller bag. My daughter said" See Mom, I'd told them to let their parents drive off and then take off their clothes and leave them on the porch before they ring the door bell, if they want to come over from now on." Several girls came. They all had a good time. A little later on, my daughter's best friend came over. I'd answered the door and there she stood. I was hoping to see her mother, my best friend. She said she had to work later and it was ok for her to come over. I'd looked over and counted the piles of clothes and one pile was missing. She said she left the house completely naked and only had her blanket and toothbrush and stuff. She said it was dark enough so one could see her. I invited her in. I heard a burst of laughter when the friend told them that she walked over her naked. They had a good time here. Today, when the parents came to pick them up, they all went outside to get dressed and stayed outside for their parents. Her friend stayed alittle later. Her mother was still coming home from work again that day. About 45 minutes ago, her best friend wanted to go home. Her parents wasn't home yet. She went outside and my daughter said that she was going to walk with her. She didn't want her to walk home by herself. I said I can give them a ride. They said it was a beautiful dawn and want to experience it. I said at put some shoes on. They always prefer barefoot. I'd deceided to walk with them. We'd walked completely naked. When I did this before I had shoes on. This went to a new level of freedom. Walking with no shoes on. 100% nude, like at home. It felt really good and more freedom. I see way daughter went against me not to do this and now her friend is doing this. As sson as we got to her front door. Her mother pulled up and got out. She asked what was going on. I said that we walked her home and she was about to go in. When she stepped away from car, we noticed that she was nude too. I'd asked her if she just came form work, where were her clothes. She said if it dark out, she always takes off her clothes in the car. The daughter agreed with her. Then she said the other day when they went to visit her mother's sister, on the way home, her mother took off everything when it got alittle dark. Her Dad had to pump gas and she sat in the car nude and a few people saw her naked as they walked pass. I'd just laughed. We said our goodbyes and me and my daughter walked back home.

After dinner, I was laying next to my husband. His hard on wasright next my face. So I statedto suck him while all of us was watching tv. My daughter asked me if she can go to her friends house later on. I had my mouth full and took it out to say yes. As he came, he did it in my mouth and face. I was tired and fell asleep right there. I woke up a few hours later, my daughter said she came back already. She admited that she walked over there naked it was dark. She sat next to me and told me, while she was there, her friend had her dad's and allowed her to taste some too. It wasn't good as her Dad's. I'd said don't be doing that and stick to inside this house. She asked for a slumber party this Saturday. I'd reminded her of how we are nude all the time and I don't want to put on any clothes for guests. She said it was her ring of close friends and they all know about her and the family. All of them was here and got undressed. I said I felt better if they don't wear clothes in the house at all. She said she already told them if they come to her house again, to leave their clothes on the porch and then knock. And now she wants them to have a slumber party. I'd told her ok.

I think it would be a great way to be open and forthright about it. it is only in someone elses mind that it is dirty and perverted

i used to let my sisters watch me ******* but they had to catch me and then ask me to let them watch

Wow i think you should keep everything in the open just like you are doing why stop now!

I like it. I love the feeling that we are comfortable to ********** in front of each other. Ifelt weird going to the other room to ********** or to play with hubby. They would do behind close doors. We are naked all the time, might as well do in the open.

I used to enjoy doing this with my stepdaughter when she was 18-19 and on a few occasions since. As far as human nature goes she enjoys doing this but has religious conflicts about it afterwards. I think it's as natural as anything else in our nature.

just dont let the child welfare people find out about it they will make it theyre business too

I also forgot. When she was to go to bed, she came back downstairs and asked for some. She really loves to eat it. Again, me and hubby are laying together, he's in me and moving alittle so I can get off and massaging his balls. She walks up and asked. I was dripping wet and had a little puddle on the couch that I felt on my side. I said give me a second so I can clean up. I was refering to my hubby because I know his penis is dripping wet from me. She said it was ok and wanted to go to bed quickly. I'd paused hopeing she wont see her dad's huge and long penis slide out me dripping. She now just sat on the edge of the couch by my crouch. I'd raised my right leg up and she was a foot away of seeing him in me. I open my legs up wider and moved upward. I pulled him out and said let me wipe it off. She said I didn't have too. She said she loves the taste of hers and mine should taste the same too. I turned around and sat by his stomach and she automatically put it her mouth. She didnt give me a chance to hold it like before. She had the head in her mouth licking it. She said mine taste like hers too. Then she licked all of his penis. I was shocked to see her doing this. She held it and lick all the way down and up. He came before she could put it back in her mouth. She quickly put it back in. Then she surprised me again. She went all the way down on him a few times. She scooped up the loose stuff andput in her mouth. His penis was still bouncing up and down. She left and scooted back down and put him back in me. I'd asked him why he didnt stop her because she was giving him a ******* now. He said if felt so could and he was about to ***. His body couldnt move. There was a long pause. I'd asked him what was wrong and he told me. Two times this week, he would lay on the couch and she come in and lay with him with him behind her holding her, like me. I got hard and she moved it to get off her butt. It was ackward. She then scooted up and put in between her legs. After a few minutes, she moved alittle and felt her lips on his shaft. She became wet as they watched tv for a hour. The next day, she did it again. This time she was alittle and her opening was going up and his shaft. She was purposely doing this. When she went to reach for her cup on the couch her pelvis would ip and down and she stroke her lips against the entire length of his penis. When he felt the tip of his penis at her wet opening he said that it had to stop and they she shouldnt be doing that. She said she wasnt trying to do that. He was in the way and that was the best spot because it wasnt against her because of his size. She said it didnt matter if he was naked and hard, she wanted him to hold her. I told him that this family is not going an more levels.. He promised me that he wont pentatrate her. I can deal with everything else but that.

No. When she was done, she went back to her room to go to bed and I slid it in.

Open ************ is obviously a personal, family decision. When my sons were young, I'd show them how to clean their penises when we showered just like any other body part. I'd get at least partly hard and stroke my penis a little, but not long enough to ***. I never said anything, just let them see it was OK. That was a good many years ago, but I had an opportunity to repeat a similar situation with a boy I was asked to spend time with so he had a man to talk to about "stuff".It was probably the second time he visited me that we ended up naked while preparing to shower. At first, he was apologizing for walking in on me while I was naked but I told him it was just us guys and not to worry. While he was in the shower, I could see him stroking his ****. It didn't appear he was trying to ***, just having fun. His **** was hard when he stepped out of the shower and mine started to rise. I assured him there was no problem with him getting hard and got in the shower myself. While in the shower, I turned so he could see me through the glass door while I washed my ****. He was still in the bathroom when I stepped out of the shower with a half hard ****. I simply told him, "See - all normal" and we both laughed.We talked about how easy young boys get hard. He told me he learned about ************ on his own. He kept playing with his **** until it felt good and was scared the first time the "white stuff" came out. He said he liked to ******* daily but his grandmother would stop at the bathroom door and ask why he was staying in there so long. (My wife had a talk with her after that to assure her he was doing a normal thing for boys) I told him he had the freedom to ******* anywhere he wanted in our home when it was just him and me here. He took me at my word and frequently *********** on the sofa in our family room. He felt a lot better about his ************ sessions after getting confirmation from an adult that he wasn't doing anything wrong!

PS You might enjoy my videos on this site of me ************ in my garden and sitting in a chair in my bedroom.

Love this story, such a sensitive and understanding approach for your daughter to learn the joys of ************, a natural body function. You obviously have an open family relationship where you can all enjoy together some mutual pleasure. What age is your daughter? It would nice to know so that I can think about this issue when I face this time in my childrens' lives.

Kim came over and we hung out. She told me that she went alittle further because her daughter complained that she was tasting her hand instead of the genuine stuff. So when her daughter had some the next time, she called her over and when it was about to come out, she held it. Then she told her to put the head in her mouth, close it and lick it so he can finish coming. Her daughter jumped back alittle and close it around the head while she licked. She backed up and frooze. Kim told to swallow. Her daughter said it taste better from the source. Kim told me I should allow mine to do that too, just the head. She'd touch it before, hard and soft, just to move it out of the way. They might be hugging or she is laying on top of him and she moves it out the way. I know you guys might think that is sexual, but to us it's not. We are nude all the time and our sexual parts are like any other parts to us. We don't think that way. We treat those parts like any other body part. So if my son or husband walk up or i'm laying next to them or hugging them and they have a hard on, I move it out the way without a thought, like an arm. Kim told me this because my daughter came over just then. Kim answered the door and her daughter had it on her face and told my daughter and said it was better without touching it. And later, Kim over heard them talking that she really had it in her mouth and it was good. For me, I know my family is very comfortable naked and we touch each other like we had clothes on, but we don't. And I know I allowed her to keep eating his, but is this the one that draw the line? I know she loves the taste and she deserves to get it without touching nothing else to get the pure taste of it. I love the stuff and I understand about it. I don't think my hubby would allow that. But if she is going to continue this, she might as well get it straight from the source. I'd told my oldest about this last week. He admited this was cool and he masturbates alot. That's why he was hard most of the time when he was here. He said he would like it to be open in our house anyway because he was tired of going somewhere. I'd called him after this and told him about what Kim said. He asked if Dad was overwhelmed about all of this? I said I don't think so. Then he said" no, you guys making him *** alot". I understood what he meant now. Then he sid he would help since one don't have to hide and we want some. He said he would be over before his sister would come over. About 4:30 pm, the girls came through the door. Both of them clothess. I asked why they were late and clotheless. My daughter said that she did her homework over there and left everything over there and Kim dropped them off here. I'd told her I knew what her friend and Kim did and she could do the same. I pointed them to the family room, where the oldest was stroking on the couch. She put her mouth on it, close it and licked it. After a minute or two, he didn't ***. Then all of a sudden she went half way down and I dodge to pull her back. Then he came. She choke alittle and some went on her chest and mouth. She agreed it taste better but dad's was better. We went to the kitchen after that and we'd talked. after a few minutes, i'd noticed she didn't wipe off the come off her mouth and chest. I gave her napkin and she said it was ok. She wanted to leave it on her like I did a few days ago. And some girls at school said they love it on them. (Before anyone woke up, I'd blow my hubby and he came on the couch. She came downstairs, just as he was letting loose of his. I got up and started cooking. I was alittle sweaty from our activity and didn't see the *** all over me. She while I was cooking. After I looked down at myself right next to her, I scraped it up.) They went upstairs and came back downstairs. She still had some on here. They went in the family roomand watched tv. The eldest was stroking again. Soon I saw him kneel down to his sister on the floor. He came right on her breast and then got up. She just layed there watching tv. I'd just watched her. When it started to drip over her side she would scoop it up and eat it. I nevered taught her that, but I do that all the time with my husband. I hope it doesn't go past this point now. A few hours later, my eldist called me over and he said I might as try his too. I hel out my hands as he stood in front of me. At first, he'd missed and got me in the neck and chest , then got in my hands. I'd tasted it and my daughter was right. My husband's taste better. I'd licked my hands cleaned and continued watching tv. I knew I had *** all over me. I didn't want to get up and miss my program and the daughter is covered and she saw me covered before. It felt nice to be covered and I didn't have to hide it no more. I usually be in my room watching tv, covered. Around 8, my son was about to leave, she asked him if he could put somemore on her. He stood there and did it right on chest again. I'd walked him out. (His clothes were by the door) I gave him a hug and moved his hard on out the way. He had some *** still dripping out, so I'd squeezed it upward and then he flitched. I gave him a hug and I felt a hugh shoot up my chest and hits my chin. *He just came on me. the first from a hug. he left and I told the girls it was time for her to o home. I got my keys and we headed out. We didn't clean up at all. When we got to Kim's house, she asked why her daughter didn't get any? We laughed and I said maybe next time. I guess my daughter wants to be like me. I don't see nothing wrong with that.

Along with your friend's train of I teen boy, I was horny constantly (not that much has changed since) but was a straight and narrow, fat kid...scared of ************ was a lot better than getting a girl pregnant I thought.

What goes on behind closed doors is no one else's business. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing.

To follow up - me and my daughter have his c*m daily, atleast. Every evening after dinner. I'd told her about catching a disease from some if see venture out and try to get her own. She still agrees that she would wait until see gets married. I'd admit that I love the taste of his c*m and crave it daily. It's like my ice cream. And she should be used and crave for it too. She can her have his as long as she is not married. She agreed. When we had some twice that night, she said she loves it and she sees why I love the taste. Her friend came over the other day and said Kim started with her daughter too but she wasn't trilled about thetase, she said it was ok and once in a while she would ask for some. But Kim allows her man to give it to her but not touch him.

Last night, when the kids went to bed, I'd stroked my hubby on the couch. This morning, my daughter told me that she saw me and her Dad on the couch. She came back down to ask us something and she stood a couple of feet away. Me and hubby eyes were closed and and I was focusing on my little friend. When he about to ***, I'd put it my mouth and when he did, I'd put his tip on my lips so it would squirt in my mouth. He **** a great volume of it. I'd licked him up and we'd layed there for awhile. (I go down on him alot, atleast daily.) My daughter said that she heard about this and asked me if it was good and why I did that. I'd told her, to me it is very tasteful and it pleases me and her father. She admit that she tastes hers and likes it. She asked if I always eat it I'd told her yes and I prefer it that way. There was a long pause...then she asked me if she could taste some too. Then she dashed out the door. I was first embarrased that she saw that and now this? I'm about to talk to Kim about this now, but what do you guys think? Is my daughter trying to get some boy's *** or was she referring to her Dad's now?

It sounds like she wants you to give her some to taste of her dads.

I'd talked to my husband about this and to Kim. They both said that she would venture out to find some boy. I rather have some in a controlled enviroment without the chance of diesases. Last night, when we were in family room, I'd was stroking my husband. I usually lay on top and on the side of him while his penis is in my face. They always see me in this position. He grew a hard on and I couldn't see the tv, so I held it away and I might as well stroke it too. It felt good to stroke him openly now. When he was about to ***, I'd told her to come over and cup her hands together. I'd aim the best I could in her hands. I got a stream on my neck. I'd squeezed him off and put it on my hand and showed her it was good. I 'd told her drink it all up because it was her firstime,fast. She swallowed it. Her face was weird. After she swallowed a few times, she tried to describe the feeling and taste. But overall, she'd liked it. I told her if she routinely has it it would taste even better. And women should eat it. She'd licked her hands off. I'd liked him up and try to suck out any more out. I sat up and she said I had some on my breast. (I didn't care, it could of stayed there.) She walked up and scooped it up with her fingers and licked it off. She said it was really good. She asked if she could have it everyday. (Usually I have it once or twice, now I have to share it? Now my hubby has to produce more.) I'd told her only when I'm here and I have to give it to her. Her Dad can't just give it to her because that belongs to me! She saids she now knows why Dad always walks around hard.

I bet she will tell her friend and her friend would ask her Dad too. I give Kim one or two days to call me about this.

Thanks for all of your responses. Last night, after dinner, while we were watching tv, I sat right next to my daughter. After a few minutes, I'd opened my legs and ***********. She'd looked and watched. I'd told her a good way to do it. I took my time and my husband was watching me show her. (I'd talked to him before dinner and explained what happened. He was very shocked and said since this happened, I might as well teach her. No one is a better teacher than the parent. He rather have her learn from me than someone else. Then I asked him that she might be curious about guys and since we were all nude, our daughter should see how guys ********** or at least *** too. And we shouldn't hide that I stroke hime alot. He didn't know what to say. I said to him that she needs to know that everyone masturbates in the house so she can feel comfortable with hers.) I came and I was very wet. I sat next to my husband and continue to watch tv. After a while, I'd was stoking him, openly. He'd looked at me weird and I said she might as well see. (My husband is 65% hard all the time at home and they are used to it.) I'd called my daughter over to see closer. I'd explain how the male **** and how it comes out. As he came, I let it just shoot out. She giggle and was amazed about it. (Usually, because we are naked all the time, I didn't want his *** all over the place, so I put it in my mouth before he shoots. So there won't be a mess and we can continue on. But I wanted my daughter to see it.) I held his *** in my hand so she can see it closely for awhile. My daughter said she was even more comfortable now around us and that made her not to hide absolutly nothing from us. My husband got up and went to clean up. My daughter asked if her friend came over did she have to restrain herself even her friend *********** by her. I said she was ok and since her second family is doing to, it's ok to do it here or at their house. A couple of hours later, our daughter sat between me and hubby on the couch. Pretty soon, she sat indian style and then started ************. When she was done, I'd asked her how it felt doing it in front her parents and in the open. She said she loves it and can get use to it. I said "good and she shouldn't hide nothing from us anymore, nothing!" She agreed.

Why not ************ is natural. I mean you walk around naked and thats natural.

Normally, I'd be against doing something like that around the children, even if it's hidden from their sight. But your friend made some very valid points in my opinion, and I know that sooner or later, they would've learned about stuff like this one way or the other anyway. She simply made it easier for you to be able to make your decision on this.

Factor in the close relationship you already have with your family and your friend, as well as you being so open minded, and I think that you have a winning formula here. The way I see it, as long as all parties involved are okay with it, and only those parties involved know about it, I'd say go for it. It's your home, so it's your rules