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I Caught My Daughter ************.

A couple of days ago, I went downstairs around 1 am because I was hungry. (My family and I always prefer to be in or around our home completely clothless all the time and we dislike to wear clothes, unless we HAVE to. My daughter's best friend known us since they were about 6. Her family knows about us and seen us too. About April, the best began to walk clothless in our house too and she said her family knows about it. My daughter undresses at their house and they are comfortable with her that way. That is her second family. They went camping at our site. At our site, we don't wear clothes there, in the open woods. My daughter was nude for the whole trip. Her friend followed suit and convinced her mother to have a unclothed family like ours. So now, since June, we meet all the time, unlothed and had families bbqs and me and the mother Kim became best friends.) I went to the kitchen and peeked in the family room to see the tv on. I'd walked up to the couch to see my daughter's legs wide open with her fingers in her. I sat next to her and she'd opened her eyes to see me there. She was soaking wet. I'd asked her why she was doing this down stairs. She said she was getting horny alot now and thougt that we was asleep. (We have a great open and truthful relationship) Then she told me that her friend's mother told and showed her about ************. I was speechless. She said that last week the mother, Kim, tried to talk to her daughter about sex and later on she showed her a good way to ********** and it was ok to do it openly at home, unless they had guest. Her friend masturbates when she feels like it. She did while they were watching tv at her house. Her mother later sat near by as her friend finished up. I was blown away by this. I know that all of us are very comfortable without clothes but to ********** too? Later on, I'd called Kim to talk to her about this. She said she rather have her daughter ********** all the time, then having sex and having a baby. Plus, they are unclothed all the time and she shouldn't be afraid to do a natural thing at home. She rather have her daughter do it on the living room couch then sneek around. I thought about it alittle and she made some good points. Do you think I should tell my daughter it is ok to ********** in the open? Do you think I should too?

My open masturbations:
I know when we watch tv sometimes and me and the hubby are under the cover and the kids can't see or are away, I *********** him slowly. (I usually have my hand on it when we are sitting by each other)

One time, last month, when me and the hubby was at home, on the couch, watching tv, I was stroking him slowly like always. The doorbell rang and it was Kim. (We are always nude at each other's houses too) He got up, with is woody. She went to the bathroom. He came back and sat next to me and I stared to stroke him again. We was caught up with the tv show, Kim walked in front of us and I was still stroking. She said I didn't have to stop because she didn't want to our "thing" at home because she was there. I'd kept stroking slowly. A few minutes later, he came. I think because of my habits, I'm thinking it might be ok for my daughter? I wonder if she saw me before or her Dad or me doing her Dad? She probably did, that's why she was downstairs and took that challange. Her friend just encouraged her more.

I'm leaning towards the open ************ is ok????
dragondenoir dragondenoir 41-45, F 75 Responses Sep 17, 2012

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Yes that is perfectly fine. I think that it is great that you allow your daughter to explore her sexuality as she pleases

We allowed, indeed emcourgaed, our four daughters to have open, visible ************. No harm we can see even ears later! All sex is so natural no reason to hide it - only our training by society says so!

For your family dynamic, open ************ is almost expected, if not just allowed...

I'd walked in their bathroom this morning. There was a suction cup ***** on their shower wall. I don't mind, but I am concerned on how big that thing was. I questioned my oldest daughter and she was in the living room laying down. As I walked up I saw a butt plug in her. We had a talk and she wants to be ready for a huge guy. She wants her dad size in a guy. So she plans to have a butt plug in her for most of the day. I guess it is better for her to do this than be having sex with a group of guys.

Did you see if you could fit the ***** on the shower wall?

Did you ask your younger one about the *****?

No, I didn't try it yet. I prefer my man over a ***** any day. My youngest said it was her sister's. Hers is about half that size.

Nothing wrong in your daughter exploring her body sexually! Also so natural.
Quite a few women wear a but plug 24/7 except when toileting. Their butts stretch and no real damage and feels great!
Many of course wear two plugs most of the time - one each hole! Very natural for girls to want objects up both their holes!
She clearly is dreaming of having a man in them. So be prepared for her to become openly sexual. Far better openly of course than secretly behind your back!
But what does it really matter if she does have sex with a group of guys? So natural - only society's moral standards say no!

A few months ago, I decided to take them to the sex store with me. It was odd at first but the clerks said there are a lot parents bring their kids in there. There was a naked worker in there. He'd walked over to us and asked if we needed help. My daughter asked him if he was always naked at work. He said yes. He was so hard, trying to talk to us. I bought them each a *****. They use it openly now. They kept losing them. It might be in the couch or on the floor somewhere. So last month, I took them again. Before we went, my oldest daughter asked why should we get dressed if there is a naked guy there. So we left the house as is. We spent a lot of time talking to the staff and them recommending stuff for us. They were really surprised to see a family very open like us. I just told them, I rather have them do it in the open, then getting pregnant and trying to hide and thinking something is wrong.

That is great sadly my family is nothing like you're fsmily if I wanted a vibrator or ***** my mom would make me save up and get it myself

I grew up in a family where nudity was definitely not allowed, genital parts were given stupid names, and sexual activities of any sort were just not talked about. I think the way you describe things in your family are much healthier. I wish my parents had been open about things.There is nothing at all wrong with ************ and if everyone is comfortable with seeing it, then I would say fine, go ahead.

I don't know my family is pretty open when it comes to sex but not nudity

absolutely xo

Honestly u should give them ****** so its ok and they get the pleasure

We have it open now. None of are afraid and I believe we don't go to our room to do this anymore. Her friend came over a few times and she would do it in front of her too. I just tell them don't do it in front of other family and friends. They always see us not clothed anyway.

Sounds like a very loving family!

i hope uv resolved all this by now, and you didnt mention how old the girls are, but ur 'experience' and concerns sounded so familiar i wanted to reinforce ur 'leaning'... yes, its totally ok to openly pleasure urselves at home... !<br />
<br />
an open naked family lifestyle made sense to me and i helped raise two sets of naked kids, but i never knew any other families when my kids were still kids and there were no forums like this for discussion of lifestyle concerns... fortunately my youngest daughter opened my mind and helped me see clearly more than once... although we were all often naked together at home, her mom and i were stunned when she discovered herself early and started openly pleasuring herself with everything in the house... but somehow she always looked so truly beautiful, natural and innocent that i knew it just had to be all good... <br />
<br />
she was also totally hot, and very compelling to watch... her eyes rolled back, she sorta quivered all over as she came, then totally still... mom and i looked at each other sheepishly and cracked up laughing, realizing we'd both been sharing the heat of the moment instead of saying anything more traditionally 'appropriate'<br />
<br />
i was still fully erect, frozen in mid stroke and mom still had two fingers deep in her **** as our beautiful naturally incredibly sexual young girl came out of her 'petit morte' and snuggled between us... mom and i began fingering and stroking each other slowly as we told her it was her body to enjoy anytime anywhere at home, provided only that she enjoyed it in her own room when we had visitors... <br />
<br />
the young girl watched us closely for a while, then proudly began showing off some of the new skills she had recently discovered, and it became the first of many mutually inspired encounters...

I also live the nude life in a nudist household. I discovered ************ at a very young age. It was easy for me to discover that joy as I refused to keep clothes on right from when I was big enough to take them off. I have always hated to wear anything. Rubbing my self came naturally as it felt so good.
My mom gave in to the no clothes but she would not allow the ************, so I just moved that activity into my room or the bathroom. That was how it was until I left there to come here and help be a caregiver for my disabled Aunt.
I loved it here from the first moment I arrived! The weather is warm or hot most of the time, so nudity is very easy. We had a talk about "rules" right away and when open ************ was favorable I was in ecstasy! Now I can pleasure myself when I get the urge and those wonderful tingles begin to come over me.
Our group has grown and we are very close knit, loving one another with lots of hugs, touching and flattery. A very happy household indeed.
My advice then is to be sure your meets the State requirements for the minimum age to be an "adult" (some places it is as low as 14 and others as high as 21) I don't want to give you bad advice and you get in trouble with the law. If she meets that standard then I see no reason to restrict her from her desires to ********** openly in the common areas of your home.
Hope this helps,

Love, a sister nudist. Enjoy your freedom!


I probably would have sat next to her and *********** also.

I would have too


I don't see any issues. my family masturbates all the time.

Be open about it

Yes yes yes. Open ************ is somethinng that should be allowed and not ridiculed. If a person feels horney and wants to release pent up frustrations. Then why not. who is that person hurting? I am happy to hear that you have a very open sexual lifestyle. Congratulations.

I agree. There's nothing wrong with open ************.

its totally ok and normal for her to do ull hear alot of hate on this but its ok for her to do it. as kim said better her ********** openly then trying to hid it and feel ashamed for it or her go out and have sex

i *********** too omg.This world!

Nudity and ************ is natural and healthy. I've always taught my kids that.

It's better to satisfy yourself than to have an unwanted pregnancy.

If this ist true than you live in heaven of earth. Cause this isnt normal... I would all my money to you to live your life for one day !!!!

i think it is the best way in an open nudity household.

Go for it.

yes you are right. And: its hot !

I'm scared to loo at dirty pictures because my mom keeps tabs on everything I do as if me looking at naked women means I will become a menace to societal living and national security but she walks around naked shamelessly in front of us the irony and creepiness is overwhelming. Just thought I would put it out there because this generates a lot of shame and anxiety for me and now that I have aired my concerns I feel better.

i think its strange for me but i also think its keep doing it .in front of a friend is so hot and sexy .good for you.
does he do you that way to.

I think its Awesome and you should be able and free to ********** withing your own home any time you feel like it...

wtf that's retarted

I think it's wonderful!)

I think it's important for them to understand how the body works. A lot of women grow up and don't even understand what an ****** really is. That's why I make sure that I ********** in the open so its no secret how the vagina opens and moistens upon arousal and contracts when having an ******.

It's funny, I am a gay man, grew up in a conservative family, none of this was ever possible for me, but glad it is for others. Just the idea of the openness, gives me a ***** and makes me wet. I am a nudist, so is my bf, and we are always naked at home. I play with myself often, he loves it.

I'm a married bisexual male nudist and my wife (who is neither) doesn't like it ********** openly. It's her problem... not mine. I'll never stop being who I am for anyone. Natural things shouldn't be hidden.