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******* In The Hotel Lobby

I was recently visiting family in Florida and I was staying at a hotel with my brother. I don't know if it was the Florida heat or the fact I hadn't *** in over a week, but I was horny as hell. I couldn't jerk off in the room because brother was there, so I told him I was going take a walk and that i'd be back in a while. I went downstairs and sat outside by the pool. I started to text a girlfriend of mine, who started to tease me and get me hornier then I already was. Well, my **** was straining against my shorts and needed attention badly. So I went into the lobby of the hotel and found the bathroom, locked myself in the stall and took off my shorts, all while still sexting with my gf. She said she wanted to see how hard I was and I took a pic and sent it to her (I still have it, if anyone is interested in seeing it). All this dirty talk got her worked up too and had two fingers going in and out of her ***** ( I could hear the faint squishy sounds over the phone as she did this). This just drove me nuts and I told her I was about to ***. She said to call her, because she wanted to hear me moan over the phone ( I have a tendency to moan really loud when I ***). All the while guys were coming to use the bathroom. I waited till it was all clear and called her. I grabbed my hard on and with few key strokes, I was moaning and ******* all over the bathroom floor. This sent her over the edge and she too was moaning and ******* over the phone. Just when I was done two guys walked in to use the bathroom. I tell you I felt a lot better after that.
iscorpio iscorpio 36-40, M Sep 11, 2013

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