At The Toilet

I was i a mathclass and our teacher was sick and we had af free houre the other studens war playing football at the field but i have a broken ankel så i was sitting in the class room surfing on my computer... i was reading my emails when i saw one from a freind i was one of them (you konw) with naked girls and so i got a little turned on and i startede to see som **** on the internet after i time i was realy up to ************ and i went to the toilet pulle my pants own and startede to **** until i ***... then the class was over the other studens came in fra the field and asked about made then thay war out i just said i hade surfed som boring sites LOL ;)
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Sometimes we were queued up to get into a cubicle wainting our turn to ****; we always wanked at break times and lunchtimes; I could have a quicky in about 3 minutes but I preferred a long slow one if no one was waiting their turn to ***. I know that at least some of our girls did it too as I knew 2 who used to do it three times a day...they shared a cubicle whereas the boys usually did`nt.

better believe it,wanking all the a boy,i could *** 5 times a day.

I suspect that students ********** in school more often than anyone realizes.