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School Bathroom

I was in 8th grade. We had just come in from recess, my at the time boyfriend & I snuck off behind a tree to make out. We were getting really into it & it was making me so horny. The bell rang & we had to hurry to line up to go inside. He was lucky he had a sweater so he could cover up the massive ***** I gave him, lol. When we got inside I was still feeling really horny... I sat in my desk, I was just itchy to have an orgasam. I wanted to touch myself so bad. I managed to sit & wait for awhile, but it started driving me crazy.. I couldn't focus on anything. School was going to be over in about 15 minutes anyway,.. but, I just couldn't wait. I raised my hand & asked if I could go to the bathroom. The teacher said someone was already out, but when they got back I could go. I sat there squirming like crazy waiting for the student to come back. My desk was facing the hallway & the boys had to walk through that hallway to get to the boys bathroom. While I was waiting I saw my boyfriend walk to the bathroom, do you think he was going there to do what I had planned on doing too?

Finally, the student came back & I got up to go to the bathroom. I walked through the hallway & got into the bathroom. I went into the furthest stall & undid my pants.I leaned back on the toilet & put my hand down my pants, I started rubbing my **** & getting really into it. I knew this wouldn't take long. Just as I thought I was getting close, I heard the door swing open & a bunch of girls started chatting & laughing. The school bell must have rang while I was in there & school was over. I looked through the crack in the bathroom stall to see who the girls were. It was some girls from the other 8th grade class. I didn't want them to know I was in here so, I put my legs up on the bathroom stall door so they couldn't see my feet. I really needed to orgasam now, so I kept rubbing my **** thinking about my boyfriend, finally I had an orgasam & my god did it ever feel good. I couldn't come out now or else the girls would know something was up. I waited to see if they were going to leave but, it was obvious they were going to hang out for awhile... I climbed on the floor & through a bunch of stall until I got to the door. Then, I climbed out & pushed open the door. They never saw me, thank-god.
xxLeighxx xxLeighxx 22-25, F 25 Responses Aug 27, 2010

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Do you do videos or pics or anything? ;)

Can you send me videos and pictures when your doing it next? That made me masterbath as well

Wow went all commando and ninja'ed out of there, awesome xD ...hope the floor wasn't too gross @_@ Now it makes me wonder how many did the exact same during the time when I was in the 8th grade >< lol

Hahaha, I sort of crawled on my elbows. It wasn't too gross... but, gross enough! I'm sure MANY girls and guys do this during school.. we ALL have urges that just can't wait ;)

love you boy you were really a little naughty child

Haha, yes I was ;)


A bit of both ;)

I agree. Glad you liked it!

Being naughty is not always nice but it sure feels good.<br />
Having sex and being in the moment is the most incredible feeling I can get.<br />
Thanks for sharing a hot story.<br />
Louise CD

I'll have to check that movie out. Yes, I did. I get very wet so when I finally managed to Get my hand down there my panties were almost soaked.

It's really the most erotic image, to think of a girl who can think of nothing but putting her hand in her panties. Reminds me of that scene of the woman ************ in the bathroom in the movie Secretary. Very hot. I bet you even got your panties wet.

Yes, it was! I just couldn't control myself.

The thing I love about this wonderful story is that it's about need. Very nice.

Thanks, it was fun ;)


It was so exciting!

How excitingly erotic!! Love it!

There was a girl who got caught doing that at my high school. I think she got expeled. Damn I wish I could have seen it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! & yes they are!

what a gerat story, my **** is soooo harda reading it i think i need to sneek off now and go for a *****

You're right! At the time I was terrified. I love to think back on the story now though. Makes me pretty hot actually knowing I got myself off while there were other people in the room.<br />

little Leigh naughty? no just horny :)

I'm glad you all enjoyed it ;)<br />
I was pretty naughty as a teen, hehe.

Hot ... got my **** snot running darlin!

Love it!!!!! How naughty<br />
<br />
BAre Hugs nudy

you were so naughty leigh. i love it!!!!!!1