Wanking In School

when i first started i wanted nobody to know so during class i did it over my trousers,but that soon bored me so i used to unzip my trousers and let my hard on slip out. I found this thrilling but i was a bit suspicious of a few people in my class so stopped.

when i mived up to high school i realised it was more exceptable and i accepted that i was gay. so when i need a wakn i would go to the toilet and go. with it being more exceptable i decided to talk about it with the guy who sat beside me in english. he told me that he did and the two of us started to wakn it was great doing it with someone else
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You're not even a homosexual

i wood to get to no adult school boy up spanking wanking tie09@ovi.com

I'm not gay I'm straight, I have this fit teacher called Sarah and after school I spunked in her cup then I watched her drink it the next day she gets lunch from the canteen and every day I stand behind her, let my **** slip out and run it on her arse, I think she knows I ***** in her cup, I also pissed in her bag and on a trip to spain I sneaked into her tent
stole her panties and set up my phone to record and it got her naked, I also e mailed her a pic of my **** and a pic of her with ***** on it but with an alternate email

cool i jurk my lill **** everywere i can its sooooo fun !

i've stopped doing it in public as much but i can see y he had a wet patch corduroyman i would 2 :)

I forgot to tell you that he had a wet spot in the front of his olive cords when he left . I also had fun once with another cute college guy with tan corduroys. He kept rubbing my hardon though my cords. Another young man noticed what we were doing. He kept trying to have a look. A few minutes later when the car was more crowded, I felt a dude's hand stroking my corduroy butt.

I never had fun with another boy in class but almost everywhere else : train, bus, public library... I would spot a good looking boy with corduroys and make him shoot his load in or out of his corduroys. I did it once on the Montreal subway at the rush hour. We both had sexy olive corduroy jeans. I was a college student and he must have been a high school kid. He was more turned on that I was. I just brushed my hand against his corduroy crotch and he grope my huge ***** through my cords and kept rubbing.

Wanking together is more enjoyable than solo. but be careful not to get caught doing it in public. You don't want to be labeled a perv for the rest of your life.