Well I Did So I May As Well Share!

Well Ive said I ********** at home, so I may as well add other places lol

I used to do it at school on occasion, it came from being bored in class and thinking about sex and other stuff. Id go to the toilets at break time and try and get off as quickly as possible.
I'd always be nervous afterwards thinking people would know Id done it and be able to tell in some way!
Daft really because Im sure no one could tell. Plus a best friend of mine and me had done it before in front of each other at my house, but I still wouldnt have told her I dont think.
sarajgriffiths sarajgriffiths
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that is hot

In front of each other how? Don't you want a mutual m**********n stuff with her?

add me too plsss!!!

wow, you have got off in front of your best friend, did you find that arousing being watched?

Very hot! I'd add you but it says I cannot. lol

Nice quick one

i have never at school, but at shopping centres and at work...

Wow - that's really sexy - I would love to watch.

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