Sexy Teacher

I had this gorgeous political science teacher my senior year of high school. She was the girl's basketball coach for the school and was just about to turn 30. She was so smart and sexy and she wore the hottest outfits. Tight leggings and dresses to show off her fat *** and low cut tops to give a hint at the two perfect **** that bounced when she walked.
Once or twice a week, when she wore her extra sexy outfits and I couldn't take it anymore I'd go to the bathroom just down the hall and jack off in the bathroom stall. I blew many a load picturing myself sucking on her bouncy ****, spanking her ***, or watching her beautiful face bobbing up and down on my throbbing ****. It was so much fun to sit there stroking my **** and imagining she was doing it for me...
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You always need a theme for a good wanking.