Science Class

I grew up in a very small town where my senior class consisted of 34 students, so the rest of the school as you can imagine was pretty small. My science classroom was one of the largest in the school. It was a little over double the size of the regular classrooms. The front had the board where the teacher would write with all the desks lined up. Behind the rows of desks there were 6 large tables with cabinets underneath where the projects would go on. They were about 8 feet wide and separated with 3 on each side of the room.

The first time I jerked off in class I was a freshman and it happened in January. I only remember that because it was snowing so bad that they should have canceled school but didn't. Due to that fact this class which usually had 18 students was down to 6. The teacher didn't even show up and we were assigned a substitute teacher with another class. She came in the first 15 minutes of class and told us to work on our ongoing projects, so we all spread out across the room. I sat on the floor between two if the big science project desks, pretty much by myself. After the first hour of class the sub came in with a TV and started a movie. Everyone except one other student moved up to the desks to watch the movie. I stayed back behind the desk but had my head in the isle so I was able to see the TV and the backs of everyone else's heads. It only took about 15 min before I got bored and horny. I turned over so I was laying on my stomach and slowly started humping the floor. It was feeling good and I started to have good feelings so I turned over and put my hand down my pants and started ******* off. It didn't take me very long before I blew my load all over the inside of my briefs. After I shot I just stayed laying on the floor and fell asleep.
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One time in business class in high school, I saw that one of my friend's had taken her shoes off and put her feet on an empty desk. That was enough for me to j/o in the middle of class. Another girl did the same thing in study hall. Both times I rubbed my **** with my hand fast and I began ******** really quick. Both times, my pants were stained with *** but I was able to pull my shirt over my pants and no one ever noticed.

I'm impressed. In high school ******* off was all that I thought about and I remember a few times I contemplated ******* off in class, but never had the nerve to go through with it.

Thank you. I was a horny kid I guess. It was a small school and I knew I could get away with it.

OMG that is a great story. I used to JO in study hall. The first time I did it, I was still sticky wet when I had to go to another class. After that I figured out that if I wanked as soon as period started, I could blast into my BVDs and be dry by the end of the period. I used to re-wear the same undies so I could make stain after stain in the same pair.
The way I did it was to slouch down in my seat and rub my **** against the bottom of the book storage thing under the lift up top. After a while I was real hard and it was easy to goo my pants. Totally hands free that way.
I suppose my eyes were probably crossed or red when I did that, but nobody ever called me out on it. I remember those days fondly.

I love ************ to hot guys during economics they all think its funny