Many Times

I fantasised about many of my friends mothers, and some of my mothers friends too. There was one of my friends mothers however who just had something about her that saw her be my fantasy of choice when I ***********.
She just oozed sexiness, and I had seen some of her lingerie lying around the house, some of it was very sexy indeed. She was divorced and over the years my friend had known a few 'uncles', so I knew she was sexually active, and that made her sexiness all the more intense.
Over the years I must have ********** many times imagining I was shooting my load into her, I devised elaborate fantasies of me arriving at her house to find her alone and then of her seducing me.
The best **** I remember though occurred one night when I stayed over, I must have been about 16 at the time, normally I would have shared a room with my friend, but on this occasion his brother must have been away and so I got to sleep in his bed. This room adjoined hers, and I could hear her moving about in her bed, so I lay there and *********** and fantasised that she was not in the next room but in my bed, as I stroked my **** I could hear her, and this turned me on like I had not been turned on before. My **** seemed to be bigger than ever before, my erection harder and when I orgasmed my come flew further than ever before and there seemed a greater volume than ever before, the ****** of course was the best I had ever known.
I am now 50, and she is in her late 70s, but she still looks good and I do from time to time still knock one out thinking of her.
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We are just about the same age. I had a similar obsession with my friend's mom. Like you I still think about her.

Sometimes fantasies are probably best left as fantasies. It would still feel strange sleeping with a friend's mother, though I am currently involved with someone who was a friend of my mother.

A few 'uncles' I like that, has to be one of the best euphemisms ever.<br />
So, she is still hot, and presumably your friend is not around any more, so why not try your luck? Would be good to fulfil all those fantasies you had about her! lol