Catching My Neighbor ************

Ever since my first voyeuristic experience (check it out, if you haven't yet), I caught myself doing it quite often. At first only looking out of the window in my bedroom "checking out" the girl across the front yard. But in recent days, I noticed that when I sit on the balcony I could look straight into the appartment of a woman across the backyard. I live on the third floor, she lives on the first and she doesn't have any curtains or anything, so I have a perfect view in. I'd say she's either in her mid or end 30s, and her body... I don't know how to describe it. Think of Gianna Michaels but with maybe a cup size smaller. So basically, she has a little meat on the bones, fairly big breasts and a nice butt. And when I was sitting on my balcony on the evening with my laptop on the table and occasionally gaze across the yard I could sometimes see her walking around her apartment. Sometimes fully clothed, sometimes in her underwear or sometimes topless. So today I was sitting on the balcony enjoying a fairly warm January night, working on something for the university when I saw her turning on the bathroom lights. And through her milky bathroom window I could see her dropping her clothes and stepping into the shower. She bent over and I could see her breasts swaying and jiggling as she did. She doesn't have a shower curtain, or didn't chose to close it, so I got a well lit silhouette shower performance, I could feel my penis stir in my pants. A couple of minutes later she stepped out of the shower and turned the bathroom lights off, leaving me sitting disappointed. What I didn't know, was that the "show" was just about to begin. She turned the lights on in her bedroom, walked towel-clad towards her window and closed her half-window curtains and apparrently thought no one could see into her window now. Well, she forgot about the people who live across the yard above her. She turned around and dropped her towel, then proceeded to lay on her bed, completely naked and with spread legs and began to touch herself.
I thought I was dreaming, in my head I even said "Is this really happening?" and damn sure it was. With her left hand she played with her breasts and nipples, while her right hand started to rub over her *****. My **** got hard within a couple of a seconds and knowing that no one could see what I was doing the way I was sitting I whipped it out on the spot and started stroking. She must've been extremly horny as she was ************* herself at a fast pace within minutes and I was trying to keep up with her. As she was pleasuring herself as fast and as hard she did, her big boobs jiggled all over the place and pre-*** as starting to ooze out of my cockhead. A minute or so later she came and she came hard. She spasmed around and I could see she was breathing like she'd just run a marathon. Some seconds later I came and shot my *** under the table all over the balcony floor. I watched her catch her breath, getting dressed and then she left the room and walked over to her living room, then I proceeded to clean my balcony up and get inside.
Never in my wildest dreams I would've believed I'd ever witness something like this, but you can bet that I will intensify my voyeuristic activity on my balcony from now on, hoping she masturbates quite a lot.
Granini Granini
22-25, M
Jan 10, 2013