I Love ******* In The Car

I too done this a few times. The first time was years ago. I was driving home from a friends house like at 3am and just got to thinking about busting a nut. So I got to touching my **** and got really horny. So I pull over and unzip my fly and let my boy out. I was wearing a jacket so used that to cover myself and I put my right arm inside my jacket. So it looked like my right hand was resting at my side. So here I was driving through residential streets rubbing my junk under my jacket. It did not take long before I was in full swing. Within 5 minutes I was edging so freaking bad. So I pulled into the first parking spot I could pull into head in, threw it in park, turned off my lights and almost instantaneously busted a massive nut. All over my jacket and shirt. Good thing no one was around when I got home. As I had a massive wet spot.
chubby79 chubby79
31-35, M
Jan 20, 2013