Jack And Jill Party

If you haven't tried a Jack and Jill party, you are missing one of life's most erotic experiences! I've been to 5 or 6 parties and each time, I shoot my load at least 4 times an evening. At the last party, I came on three different women in one evening! The first one had really large breasts and she loved to suck penis. She was working my **** and balls over, stroking and sucking, until I had to release. She held my balls as got close and then stroked the *** out all over her large ****. I loved the way she giggled when the streams hit her chest. The next woman stood in front of me later that evening as we watched another couple have sex on the bed. She reached around and stroked my **** and balls until I couldn't take anymore. She turned around and continued stroking until I came all over her **** too. She knew what she was doing as I didn't have to reach down and take over. Very hot. The last one later that evening was watching me ******* my **** as I watched others in the room. She motioned me over as she sat on a bed next to a couple going at it doggy style. I immediately went over and she immediately placed my **** in her mouth. She could really take it deep and held my balls as she worked the shaft. It didn't take too long to work up some more ***. She wanted me to shoot it on her ****, so I took over and jerked off furiously in front of her while she pressed her **** together. I shot a nice load for her too.
There was much more that went on that evening as well. I massaged several hot naked women on massage tables brought in just for the evening. One had a pierced **** that I rubbed my fingers over as I slid my hands up between her thighs. The other had a nice little petite body with b cups that I absolutely loved. I massaged her **** quite a bit as well as her *****. She stroked my **** and another guys **** while we jointly massaged her.
As I said, if you haven't tried this....you are missing out!
Undertheboxers Undertheboxers
56-60, M
Dec 9, 2012