I Do What I Need To Do...

My wife has medical problems so we don't have sex very often. She doesn't mind when i come downstairs naked. I ask "do you mind if I do a show?" and she always says "I love watching your dirty shows.". So I sit on the couch and spread my legs and rub my **** with both hands. I moan and talk dirty and make sex faces. When she says "make your big **** *** for me" I always squirt like crazy. Sometimes I sit in front of her naked and she'll show me her **** or lift her nightgown and let me look at her while I jerk off. She lets me watch her take a shower sometimes too. I stand behind the shower curtin and peek in at her. I watch myself in the mirror while I do it. I'd love to actually have sex more often but I get a lot of enjoyment from being watched will I sit naked in front of someone and make my big **** ***.
Sparkomatic6969 Sparkomatic6969
51-55, M
Jan 20, 2013