Fun With Sister

My sister and I have always been good friends ever since we were little kids. We never ventured into any sexual get togethers though. Nevertheless, from our teen years on she and I openly discussed sex.

I got married at 20 and she married at 22. When I was 27 my marriage ended and in a coincidence hers ended too about six months later. We became closer than ever then because our divorces were extremely stressful for both of us.

She was over one day to visit about five months into her divorce. We had each dated a few people but neither of us were anxious to get back into serious relationships with anyone. Being so open with each other during a conversation one day she said she was so horny she'd **** a bedpost! I laughed and said to her ... "Hell, I'm so horny I'd jack off right in front of you just so I could see a woman's naked body!" She said "Really, hummmmm. That could be interesting. I'll think about that." We talked for another few hours and she left.

About a week later she dropped by again. We talked and watched some TV but we didn't talk about sex ... until she suddenly said .. " would really jack off in front of me?" I said "I sure would! I'm still as horny as Hell and I haven't seen a real live ***** in months!" Remember ... I've already mentioned we always talked openly about sex ... and I thought nothing about saying this to her.

"Well, I've been thinking about that ever since you mentioned it last week," she said. "I haven't seen a good hard **** in months either!" she said. I found myself getting quite excited suddenly. "Let's do it then!" I said. I said "Damn, Laura ... I'm getting hard right now just thinking about it!"

I was in a chair and I took the material on my shorts and tucked it in around my hard-on so she could see I was, indeed, really hard. "Ummm, wow!" she said. "This will be fun!" I said as I stood and started taking my clothes off. She too stood and without any modesty ******** naked in front of me! Here I was standing naked with a throbbing hard **** right in front of my 28-year-old sister.

"We haven't been naked together since we were kids" she said. "I know! I replied...and you have a fantastic body!" I told her. "You have a really nice ****!" she gasped. "Let me feel that thing!" She came to me and took my aching hard **** in her hand and slid her hand up and down my shaft. "Damn, Sid," she said, "I bet you've made many women happy with this tool!" It felt so good as she felt me.

I said "Let me look at you!" She took a step back and I studied her medium sized beautiful breasts and perky nipples, then I squatted in front of her and looked at her *****. She adjusted her feet spreading them farther apart and allowed me to spread her lips and slide my fingers up through her neatly trimmed *****. I couldn't resist sliding two fingers up inside her. "Ummm that feels good," she said.

"I want to *** so badly" I told her. "Me too," she sighed.

"Lay down on the couch and spread your legs open" I asked her. She laid down and opened her legs wide and her hand immediately went to her ***** lips and she started massaging her **** and occasionally she deep fingered herself for more moisture. I settled in on the opposite end of the couch and started slowly jacking myself as I watched her well practiced fingers.

After about ten minutes of trying my best to hold off I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up and stood beside her and shot my *** all over her **** as she feverishly started working her *****. Suddenly she tensed and shuddered and moaned and she started *******.

When we were both done ******* we stayed naked for about an hour talking ... we both admitted what had happened was something we both really needed at the moment and agreed to not have any ill feelings about it.

I found myself regularly jacking off thinking about my sister ... and I still do. We repeated this possibly two or three more times over the next couple of months and eventually we both started dating people we cared about and we never did it again. We have both remarried now and certainly we don't do that now. This bonded us powerfully and I have a deep love for my sister as she does for me.
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Wow...I used to play with my big brothers penis when I was 14 and he was 17. It was really big and thick. I would never let him stick it in although he was always trying to convince me. I would let him lick me and rub his penis across my **** and bush. He would *** sometimes all over my *****. One time he actually stuck like the head of his penis in me and came. The head felt really good, but when he came (I was like almost 16 I think) I freaked out, and jumped up. That was the last time we ever did anything.He told me that Mom sometimes jacked him off, but I know he was full of crap.I just liked to see it shoot! To this day I think My Brother had the most impressive ejaculations of any man I have ever been with.Now that we are both older and Married, I sometimes fantasize about those big ejaculations and his really thick penis.Im not sure, but under the right circumstances I think I might let him **** me these days. He is very successful, good looking and in great shape. SOMETHING ABOUT the fantasy of that huge *********** happening inside of me makes me *** when I think about it....probably will never happen, and probably for the best!

Wish i could have got off with my sister! Niiice!

That's it? It never went further?

It is good to see the two of you help each other thru hard times. Nice story.