The Mate

I am not like other people infact im compleately different , My Mate is not like me hes human and this is not meant to be . This means he feels nothing for me untill i mark him and he knows about me.
I can't tell him who i am , as it may be a danger to my kind , i cant even mention it on here. But i have no where els to go but use a dodgy site that someone might come across and give me help.
I AM CLASSED as a myth or someone whos obsesed with this kind ,icannot speak of it to any one or i will be considerd as a bad mouthed.
I try to hint to him and he just dose not get it and its dificult for some one to accept the truth espesualy him.
i cannot prove to him yet, wich is annoying , but as soon as i turn 16 i will.
its physicaly hurts me to watch him love other girls and to see him fondle with their feelings . He just dossent understand !!! Its just sometimes i am disgusted with my self to even talk to him let alone not reject him , But im not going to reject him yet , not untill i see what he thinks of the whole concept of it. im just going to endure the pain untill im 16.
i may leave it a year so i can contoll myself over my anger , my symptoms are getting worse and im still 14 and none of my family knows which makes it difficult .... i hope someone out there will help me
saraliea saraliea
18-21, F
May 11, 2013