It Begins With Good Horse Sense

I like this saying (I may Be A Smartass But At Least I'm Not A Dumbass) even though it has an 'either-or' framework that's somewhat confining. But if I had to choose, it would definitely be the former. However, I didn’t have enough good horse sense to understand that it attracts contempt. Being a smart *** as a kid got me beat up regularly. By the time I was in the fifth grade I was making 100s and eating up all the extra credit. By sixth grade I was in a gifted class. By seventh grade I was in a gifted inter-scholastic group competing with adjacent schools. I could go on but I don't want to goad your disdain. Tact is a characteristic I developed over the years that has been of great benefit. When I didn’t have it, I usually used the excuse that “at least I'm honest” as if this would let me off the hook. What I was doing was abdicating my responsibility to others; namely beginning with fundamental respect. Finally I got some good common horse sense!
But like I mentioned earlier, I had to get this beat into me on a regular basis at school first. But it finally took. Arrogance has its burden to bear – figuratively, or in my case literally. Tact has allowed me to gain and keep more friends, expand my Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Artistic Intelligence (AQ), appreciate others and help develop their IQ as well. This has a special place for me – helping others improve themselves. No they're not dumb *****, they're just Tactful Smart ***** in Training, Ha!

But at least we’re not dumb *****….
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I love this post!!! Too true...a little tact can go a long way....<br />
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When I was in High School I had a metal plaque on my bedroom wall that read "Diplomacy is the are of telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip." Once I took those words to heart I found I could still be a smart azz, but have them either thank me for it or at least scratching their head long enough for me to walk away ;-) LOL

Queen, thanx! Over the years it has moderated. I still have to put forth some effort after a cold beer! I do notice when in mixed company though, when us bright ones identify each other our "shades lower" (we hit stride) and the rest stare with the "you don't talk to me That Way" look on their face. <br />
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I can't help it. The part of me that's smart "shakes the cage" and wants to get out. Got any advice?

Glad you agree! When I wrote it, it just came out as-is. I find these are some of the best kinds of stories, the succinct ones. Tactfulness kind of worked its way in there and voila, short-story complete. Wow, your family too? Mine has an uneven distribution as well. Perhaps a new species of human is being born: Homo SmarTactensis - where smarts and tact emerge? heh heh....