What Is Wrong With You?

First of all, being a smartass doesn't mean being first in class or getting good grades.
By being a smartass, I mean being witty and having a quick retort for everything.
Not indulging in celebrity fandom or being a part of the pop generation.
For people who talk like this-
OMG rely??!! i hadd no ideaa i was like amayzed like totaly confuuzed.

and like this-
pLeAse liKe ThiS pIctUre to heLp CaNCer patIents

and also like this-
i hte skuul! it sukz Y d helll do we needz to go dere? I alrdy noe wht i needz to noe its so stuupiid! duh!

What the ******* is wrong with you?
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1 Response May 21, 2012

Well...smart *** ... why don't you take a jab at what you "think" is wrong with me ....

Why is that?